USF2 Changelog and Wiki


Off topic: this game support/has a replay saving system?


Yes it does! For ranked/non-ranked netplay anyway. Forgot if you can record local matches.


lol, Branch Chun a scrub?


Will you guys add me? FC: SW-5274-7158-2805.


Added, though I’ll admit I stopped playing this game after it devolved to

  1. Playing matches against Violent Ken
  2. Players leaving matches if I picked Violent Ken

Broken character be broken, yo.


The “#1” Chun Li, named “branch,” is a real pussy. I usually run Violent Ken to see who the opponent mains, and if it isn’t a shoto (except Ryu maybe) I’ll generally switch to Chun next. I knew if Branch had a struggle against me he would run so I threw the Chun vs V.Ken double perfect to keep him interested in free points. As expected, I manipulated him flawlessly, I never saw someone click rematch so fast. I chose Chun next. After a struggle he ran away immediately, as expected. That stupid, predictable coward isn’t even too great, although he is admittedly pretty decent, but just not great. If he’d run 1st to 10 I am fairly certain I’d win, but you can’t even get the full 3 matches in with that scrub.

My name is now “branchPUSS” for the foreseeable future.


Lol yeah, don’t forget the tons of Akumas and Evil Ryu stragglers. It’s like Shoto Fighter now, more than ever.


I dont know how Nintendo handles this these days, but you still cant message other players?


I bet you’re getting a lot of Akumas and Evil Ryus because they think they’re counterpicking your Chun Li. Evil Ryu is a low tier character in USF2 but he’s great vs. Chun Li.


How is a character with E.Ryus options, low tier?


Same guy doesn’t think Akuma is top tier…Not sure how a player w/ juggle dizzy to TOD combos can be considered low tier.




Nope, they’re still stuck in the 90’s in terms of online. Well, except they’re charging for it soon so they’re pretty modern in that sense…

Well, they usually kick my ass so I believe they’re right lol. I managed to sneak into the top 10 rankings for U.S Chun Li despite that though.

Ryu himself isn’t low tier imo, and Evil Ryu seems to basically be a better version of him but with less health.


Is it just me or is something off with reversals in this game compared to HDR? I can usually srk through meaty fireballs on wakeup in HDR but it never seems to work in USF2.


Ryu is way better than Evil Ryu, that’s for sure.


What’s so bad about him?


This is quoted from August. This is to show that I’ve put a lot of work in learning Evil Ryu. Frankly I think more Evil Ryu players need to share their tech because no one is succeeding online with him.


I use Violent Ken a lot because he is great and easy to use, and I won’t pretend I’m that good with him but I do beat or tie players with way more BP than me (PP doesn’t seem to matter much in most cases, which is weird, so BP at least lets you get a ballpark idea of how experienced someone is with a character if PP won’t necessarily tell you how skillful they are overall) so I feel like I can at least chime in a bit regarding V.Ken VS Aku. IMO, Aku takes that match just like he does every other match (except maybe E.Ryu, I don’t know anything about that matchup at all but assume Akuma wrecks him), albeit requiring safer play. V.Ken is one of the few characters who can easily punish sloppy Akuma play, that’s for sure.


Akuma is the easiest to stun in the entire game, which is a disadvantage for Evil Ryu since Evil Ryu was balanced based on the fact that he can dizzy any character in the game so easily. Like many of the other characters in the game, your only hope against Akuma is to inch your way in and never let him use his keepaway game or his teleport game. It’s the Evil Ryu player who must play safer in the matchup vs. Akuma, not the other way around.


Oh, you’re still reading this thread? If that’s the case, you’re probably wondering how your favorite character ranks in Ultra Street Fighter II. Don’t worry-- I did the work for you.