USF2 Changelog and Wiki


Same guy doesn’t think Akuma is top tier…Not sure how a player w/ juggle dizzy to TOD combos can be considered low tier.




Nope, they’re still stuck in the 90’s in terms of online. Well, except they’re charging for it soon so they’re pretty modern in that sense…

Well, they usually kick my ass so I believe they’re right lol. I managed to sneak into the top 10 rankings for U.S Chun Li despite that though.

Ryu himself isn’t low tier imo, and Evil Ryu seems to basically be a better version of him but with less health.


Is it just me or is something off with reversals in this game compared to HDR? I can usually srk through meaty fireballs on wakeup in HDR but it never seems to work in USF2.


Ryu is way better than Evil Ryu, that’s for sure.


What’s so bad about him?


This is quoted from August. This is to show that I’ve put a lot of work in learning Evil Ryu. Frankly I think more Evil Ryu players need to share their tech because no one is succeeding online with him.


I use Violent Ken a lot because he is great and easy to use, and I won’t pretend I’m that good with him but I do beat or tie players with way more BP than me (PP doesn’t seem to matter much in most cases, which is weird, so BP at least lets you get a ballpark idea of how experienced someone is with a character if PP won’t necessarily tell you how skillful they are overall) so I feel like I can at least chime in a bit regarding V.Ken VS Aku. IMO, Aku takes that match just like he does every other match (except maybe E.Ryu, I don’t know anything about that matchup at all but assume Akuma wrecks him), albeit requiring safer play. V.Ken is one of the few characters who can easily punish sloppy Akuma play, that’s for sure.


Akuma is the easiest to stun in the entire game, which is a disadvantage for Evil Ryu since Evil Ryu was balanced based on the fact that he can dizzy any character in the game so easily. Like many of the other characters in the game, your only hope against Akuma is to inch your way in and never let him use his keepaway game or his teleport game. It’s the Evil Ryu player who must play safer in the matchup vs. Akuma, not the other way around.


Oh, you’re still reading this thread? If that’s the case, you’re probably wondering how your favorite character ranks in Ultra Street Fighter II. Don’t worry-- I did the work for you.


I appreciate the good read, and agree with some of your analyses such as why Chun is doing well in ranking (I’d add to that the fact that she is easy to use) and why Ken doesn’t see much use.


The more I think about it the more I hate Ultra Street Fighter II. So much missed potential, if only they had kept HD Remix’s changes and tweaked it from there, but no, they add OP shotos to a game already dominated by them and nerf practically every charge character. Some changes were nice, but it is a shit show tbh. I am near the #10 spot for ranked Chun Li but I get set back every time a shoto catches me. I alternate between DJ & Chun to avoid shotos but it is inevitable to get caught by one and you are knocked back down…any trash shoto can win by smashing DP and jumpins, it’s insane how poor Chun’s defensive tools are (I miss the stored super so badly, even though it doesn’t change shoto >>>>>>>>>>> Chun).


I’ll have to disagree with your tier list. Its based off of BP and all of the high BP V. Kens have 3000PP and lower. Akuma dominates the leaderboards above 5000PP, mainly japanese players. The other top characters are RYU, Chun Li, Boxer, & Dee Jay. V. Ken is not consistent above 4000PP. However, V. Ken does dominate matchmaking due to his extremely easy use and cheap dash uppercuts. He is just a gimmicky character.

Evil Ryu is definitely trash compared to the rest of the shoto’s. He does have Kill combo’s, but that won’t be happening against good players often considering everything else about him is terrible. He trades on most of his normal’s and his fireballs have slow recovery. The best thing he has is his overhead f mk and tatsu’s that juggle into srk. He’s more of a fun character.


Chun does have fairly weak defensive tools but she’s got more than enough to make up for it. Her throw damage is ridiculous. In the hands of a good player, she’s a wall. She can keep you out and frustrate you or she can jump all over you. Her headstomp beats a lot of moves clean. If you catch V Ken in a lightning kick, it’s game over for him. I’ve played a few A and A+ Chuns in the last few days and it feels damn near impossible for my Fei Long (4200 BP), Ken (4700 BP), Ryu (2800 BP), and V Ken (3000 BP).

Shotos are fairly strong in the game but are easily punished. The only shotos my Fei Long has a lot of trouble with are Akuma and Ryu. Akuma’s air fireball, ground fireball game is too strong for Fei to approach. Ryu hits very hard and can answer most of Fei Long’s attacks. I generally beat Ryu by baiting DPs with LK Chicken Wing and punishing with a Fierce Punch. Fei’s pretty strong at punishing shotos. Chun is even better because she can counter fireballs and punish DPs with a throw.


Chun can win any battle by trading damage. Her and other top tier characters are the reason you won’t see many V. Kens make it much higher past 4k pp. Her throw damage alone is almost half health for the Evil shoto’s. Although Akuma beats her because of air fireball.


That is a popular stance but I disagree. Weak defensive tools and low priority spell doom for Chun. Outside of punishment she is trash, and assuming your opponent is any good, there won’t be a lot of opportunity for that.

Both of the things you cited, strong grab (diminished threat due to grab canceling btw) and catching V. Ken in L.Legs are both assuming you’re punishing, otherwise why would they be happening? A good player can and will keep Chun out. Head stomp stuffs some stuff, sure, but it is highly punishable so it should be used as a read finish imo.

I am only #10 Chun but I’ve beaten even single Chun above me with little difficulty, and I can tell you that the only reason I got to that position at all is because I try to only fight grapplers and charge characters since shotos are a sure loss imo, it’s all an uphill struggle. And I actually usually let Chuns with decent points beat my V.Ken (11k BP) because I have a bad conscience stealing their points, I know the Chun struggle. Also, have you tried punishing single l.srks from Ken/V.Ken with grab? Good luck with consistency.

As for the Fei matchup, I think it’s Chun’s game if she can keep him out, but there’s a loop he can do on her that only mashing grab has any chance of ending AFAIK so yeah, it’s a sticky match.

I hope you guys will add me, I don’t think I added my code here yet, let’s do some casuals VS my Chun:

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I created this tier list today (Feb 21,2018). This is based on the changes from ST to USF2, the leaderboards, PP & BP rankings, over 400+ hours of online play, and professional japanese players that I watch on twitch and youtube currently.

Let me know what you think. Thoughts, changes, disagreements and agreements, ect. If anyone plays this game still on forums. Yes the game is still very active online. I always have matches except very late around 12am to 2am PST, then I mostly face japanese or foreign players.


Reasonable list. If someone showed me this and said it was the definitive list, I’d believe it. And any list backed by research gets a thumbs up from me. :slight_smile:


I’m really bummed that this game didn’t get a chance at tournament play. A lot of the changes were very interesting and I would love to see in high level play.

Related question: Can an accurate tier list be created with no tournaments to base it on?


I still enjoy usf2 and play quite a few characters though I mained Vega exclusively for a while(still do I suppose). While I agree on Vken being s tier, there’s only one “SCRIVAL” that I groan when I accept a match from him. Every other one is pretty terrible. Don’tknow if anyone noticed but Blanka is the low key VKen killer of this game so much so that they actually need to play conservatively or eat punishes. His car forward stuffs the dash and is fast and relatively safe from deRp srks, many of his normals hit for good damage and the up ball offers reliable punishment to blocked srks.

I still refuse to use grapplers Honda or Sim, I’d feel dirty if Whwn I finally make my way to Chun

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