USF4 Akuma match up thread

I’ve gone ahead and created the new USF4 match up thread.

If you are looking for the old information the original thread can be found here

Some of the information is still relevant, but I need time to sort through the original post to see if anything significant has changed.

Reserved 1

Reserved 2

Reserved 3

Obviously we should collaborate information on match ups, but do you have a plan on which characters your going to write a game plan for? Are you going to focus on the ultra characters to start? I am looking for setups on characters at this point that can respond to delayed wake up and change your setup but its theoretical at this point because its so early. Because people are worried about Evil Ryu I think I am going to focus on him for now.

My first contribution. Sorry for the quality issues. I’m having to learn OBS after using X-Split for so long.

I’ll be streaming these in the future.

I just felt like taking a look at a match up tonight.

Some decapre stuff I’ve found, might be obvious to the better akuma players but still useful.

Her mp>hp target combo is a free, guaranteed demon at any range, and the best way to punish it otherwise is far standing hp > lk tasu > hp srk. Her dp also kinda puts you at an odd punish range on block, so the far standing hard punch is extremely useful there to maximize damage as well.

Akumas best punish to Decapres dp matters where you land. Land in front, fs.rh, cs.fierce bnb. If you land behind, cs.fierce bnb

The Abel MU seems the same -> Akuma favour! DWU affects him more than us and Wultra is perfect for this MU! U1 can punish alot of stuff and U2 can protect teleports/punish command throws! Dont worry about the Wultra 60% damage reduction cause Fst HP makes up for the lost damage!

Yun is still our worst fight and it got worse. Pick your spots, space well, avoid using sweep as much as possible, and dp all dive attempts.

I believe this is a match up where using close fierce into ex red might be preferable in some scenarios. Otherwise, maximize your damage output because you won’t get to hit him often. Don’t give in either though. Block, block, backdash, block some more, and teleport. Keep your air fireballs low to the ground and jump empty sometimes to bait normal shoulder. If you feels it’s coming, focus attack it. Ex version is very punishable on block too.

Ex lunge can be reacted to and stuffed with dp is preferable if you got those kind of reactions.

I’m not convinced this will be 7/3 but it’s as hard as a 6/4 is going to get.

with Yun crappy dive recovery maybe he’ll have to respect our 3 bars. A red focus against an obvious dive most likely can hit for a full combo probably about 300/340 damage.
I’m right ?

What’s going on with Poison? Just fought one for the first time and got mopped. Zero idea whats going on with this character.

I just looked at her frame data and see anything pass her first rekka is unsafe, and even the first hit is -3 which means thereotically it can be punished with cr.lp or srk on reversal. My main question now is whether or not she can be safe jumped and if she can be stuffed by demon flip dive kick. Will hit training mode in a bit.

How are you guys dealing with Rolento’s Roll. I tried to cr mp but I kept getting hit out of it. My only options was to mp srk or bj.

Rolento’s roll is pretty telegraphed from his back flip move. I’ve tried using fs.MK and have got some good results. You push MK as soon as you see him land from the flip.

Video of it in action:

Quite similar to beating out Adon’s jaguar tooth move.

Big ups ajay. Does it work vs ex too?

You can tag Rolento before the roll goes active. Also you can punish the rolls on block with sweep in many cases

Anyone faced Elena for feedback/thoughts? i ve been playing online and Elena was nowhere to be found.

  • She’s sweepable

  • anti airs aren’t threatening unless she has meter and require specific timing on her behalf, so test her with some occassional demon flip/jump in action.

  • At long range occassionally charge focus attack and let it go if she does her slide. Be careful not to be too wreckless with your ground/air fireballs for she can go right under them clean or trade(she wins trade)

  • Standing hardkick is useless in footsies for the most part because the second hit goes clean over her head.

  • block her EX overhead or else suffer big damage. Her lows are highly rewarding but unsafe, and her combos involving are very tight so stand blocking at closer rangers can be beneficial. Look out for her special low(the break dance sweep) and her sweep though.

  • In the clutch, look out for her overhead command overhead f + mk

  • She has a long and juicy frame with a milk chocolate complexion that I find to be attractive, but she’s a bit tall for my liking.

Thank you for the info VersatileBJN007!