USF4 Cody Video thread



It’s also tough to fight the twins for Cody, especially online. You need to win on solid fundamentals + anti airs or go crazy and gamble a lot. It’s hard to do the first one vs the twins online even with Japanese internet.

Sasaki using the knife in this one, commentators are very confused. It obviously throws Decapre for a loop too, every time he picks it up Decapre starts getting anxious and obviously has little to no experience on it’s timings.


I think the Yang match-up is a slight disadvantage for Cody with Yun being a straight up loss. I have no idea how Sasaki bodies Yun’s so easily.

That Decapre match is the first time I’ve seen a top Cody like Momochi/Sasaki pick up the knife in a tournament match. It actually ended up working too. He only picked up and lost the knife without doing any damage, once.


Well first off it was online, second off the decapre obviously had no experience with it, and thirdly it’s sasaki :stuck_out_tongue:


Sasaki vs. Tokido


I cant believe how confident he is doing, ultra 2. That was so clutch to hit that combo at the end of the round.


I’m going to start practicing into Ultra2, too good. I’ve even assigned select to one of my buttons for a while now, should be able to “blink” it with the 3P button.


It’s IMO one of the hardest normal into ultra combos. I think the only harder one is Balrog doing meaty far LP into Ultra. Mainly tough because of Cody’s ability to special cancel clsMP which makes it very easy to do clsMP - EX CU instead of U1 if you don’t do it perfectly.


Combofiend playing Cody:


Welp now we know who Combofiend played against during USF4 balancing :stuck_out_tongue:


Well I guess Peter isn’t a fan of the knife either lol.


More Poifuru in the latest a-cho upload. I haven’t finished it but damn near 2 hours of constant Cody play from him.


Gucci tweeted this to me, I think it’s a super good match. Both players play really solid and Gucci basically does exactly what you should do in a Yang match IMO. At best there is like 2 spots I’d say he could have done something he didn’t do and those are really minor things. Wish it was a longer set though so we could have seen em adapt.

No gimmicks either, Gucci and Shine just play the match solid.


Heh - that’s usually how the Cody/Yang match-up plays out. Cody sits in block stun for 90% of the match waiting for his opening - when he gets it he has to hit Yang hard and that’s what Gucci did. It’s really key for Cody to not crack under the pressure.


Yeah but it wasn’t even that. I think the match is basically even or slightly in yangs favor as of 1.04 due to the EX CU strike invincibility change (the projectile iframes loss hurts vs meaty palms but Yang can’t setup a meaty palm that beats BOTH EX CU and EX Zonk unlike Yun who can do it but only has a 2F window). It’s not just the damage stuff, watch how he plays the neutral. Use of rocks is important even if you can’t use them often in the match they can help. Keeping yang out of his crLK range via block strings / frame traps puts Cody at a range where his pokes are superior. Yang’s options at mid range in terms of normals aren’t as good as Cody’s. Close range Yang is probably better but at mid range Cody’s crLP/crLK/crMP/farLP do a lot to stop Yang’s approaches.

Challenging Yang’s pressure post LP Slash by using crLP/crLK is something Cody needs to do in the mu and Gucci did it consistently.

The most important thing is of course max damage punishes, good defense, and use of OSes but solid neutral game is important if you want consistent results. Hoping for a mistake which you can maximize is not going to net you consistent results vs the best players. That is actually why Cody loses a lot of his MUs, because while he can do a good amount of damage/stun on a punish he basically has to rely on either a big gamble that is generally high risk and pretty easy to fight all of his gamble options with the same things (stand throw or neutral jump or forward jump will beat almost everything) or he has to rely on the opponent screwing up somewhere such as a bad read or input error for him to win.


I didn’t expect much to be honest, I thought Gief would get in and that would be it. Great spacing and footsies from the Cody player though. Do you guys happen to know their name?


The Cody is Dobunezumi and the Gief is Super Uriajjo according to title.


Aaah this is kind of weird haha. I could see Uriajjo’s name but my eyes just couldn’t spot the name of the Cody player. Thanks for taking the time to answer my question. :slight_smile:



anyone know what momochi is saying during the match? I want to know what he has to say about this matchup


This is sad and funny at the same time: