USF4 Cody Video thread



Made me laugh inside a little. Fei long corner to corner combo on Cody at the end of the third round. Not even an exaggeration or a “nearly corner to corner” I mean LITERALLY back touching the right side and Cody ends back touching left side. That combo is sort of new to USF4 too, at least on most chars. Fei used to only get 2 hits of U1 and it was harder to do the 3hits of chicken wing on some chars. Getting only 2 hits still had a ton of corner carry but that combo only traveled about 2/3rds - 3/4ths of the stage but with the new 3hit U1 it does FULL corner to corner carry always.


Hello, for the past few days I have been searching for BJ’s (BJ Unchained) match against Chris T at NCR. Unfortunately, no one seems to have uploaded it on Youtube or at least I am the one who can’t find it. If you guys happen to find it, would you mind posting it here?


It’s at 2 hours 18 mins here:


I really liked how solid BJ looked with those wiff punishes and I wanted to re- watch the set. Thanks a bunch, man! :smile:


great matches from packz


Bad spray trade EX RK was sweet and I’ve never seen LK ruffian trade with Abel U1 before!

Packz - was there a reason you were doing cr.lp cr.hp xx hCU as a punish a lot, even against blocked Sagat DP for example?


Great games by BJ Unchained. Too bad he had to play Julio later in the tournament. I stopped watching their match when Yun command grabbed Cody out of his ex crimminal upper. :’(


Some great stuff by our own @Packz93
Really done a great job integrating PBS into his tool set. Guile match I would have liked to have seen a bit more change up in jump-ins out side of knockdown situations and maybe a few crMKs but otherwise played pretty damn well, especially since I personally think online Guile is way harder for Cody than offline due to lag making it even harder to do anything vs a sonic boom with reasonable consistency. The matches were mostly quite close a lot of the time, Packz’ spacing was really on point most of the match. Loved the Ken match, a lot of people think that is a slightly or even solidly in Ken’s favor MU but a lot of parts of the match Packz makes it look pretty even and really mixes up his tools and spacings. Even if he did get eliminated I think he should be proud of the matches he played. Especially since a number of matches he could have won or won earlier if it wasn’t for a dropped 1F combo.


I think you linked the wrong vid for the second part! This is it:


Yeah I linked an older video. I had been having trouble when I posted that originally where the links to the videos I took from ehubs weren’t properly embedding so Ihad to go to youtube and use the share button and I guess I was on wrong video.


Ixion played Ostkatten in a FT5 on his stream yesterday. Ostkatten doesn’t play Cody the whole time though. Set begins at around 1 hour 45 mins. You can also see Ixion playing as Cody later on (from random select!) at the 3 hour mark.


Friend’s set vs Akuma/Blanka, Cody parts start at 56:00


Some great knife work by Gucci Durag. I would have liked to see a different combo after the stun but solid play nonetheless.



Finishing up a bunch of half finished videos I’ve done. Figured I might as well get them out now before SFV comes out. There’s nothing in this video that most of us haven’t seen/already do. But I feel like when I bump into a fellow Cody player, and they ask for tips or when playing them, this is what I find them not doing and suggest to them if they ask.



Seems to me like Codynp left a fair bit of damage on the table at times. Not to mention he barely ever used Hugo’s farMP or sHP. I can’t fault his results he did well, just saying.

Rossi’s zoning was exemplary.


^ agreed.

I’d probably say Hugo is Cody’s best match in USFIV tbh.


Apparently Sasaki is in the latest Topanga B-League. Anyone have videos?


Definitely not.