USF4 Cody Video thread



I don’t think Hugo poses problems vs Cody tbh. I think Cody absolutely out neutrals him.

Why do you see it differently, if you don’t my asking.


Cody just can’t ‘out neutral’ a good Hugo easily for an entire game. Mistakes are so costly in that MU. His mix-up is orders of magnitude scarier than Gief/Hawk IMO.


I think Cody can whiff punish Hugo consistently. Mistakes are costly against any grappler, even if you someone like Juri who completely destroys them.

He definitely has a stronger knockdown game than Gief/Hawk, but I think Cody has the tools to keep Hugo out easier than Gief/Hawk.

I’ve played some decent/good Hugos, and never found the match to be a struggle. Could just be that I’m not playing the best Hugos in the world, but how many great Hugos are there? Alucard and the one from the UK?


Rocks aren’t scary. The chip damage isn’t anything for hugo to worry about. The claps are essentially the same as E.Ryu c.Mk, safe and easily hit-confirmable into big damage.

Whiff punish claps isn’t in your favour as you’re getting max 200 damage (using c.lp) which is the most reliable normal. Whereas if you mistime your whiff punish you’re eating 350+ damage.

Once he’s in he has many ways to stop cody from escaping; clap os, overheads etc.

I’m not saying it’s in Hugos favour. I think it’s even but it’s definitely not Cody’s best matchup.

Cody doesn’t really have a “best matchup”. Cody and Ken are similar and by that I mean they are the only two characters (I can think of, possibly Sakura as well) that don’t really outright win a matchup. Their tools don’t counter other characters but they can look very strong on the right hands.


Hey guys, a quick question. What kind of setups is Sasaki using in this video after a throw or an EX Ruffian Kick? At first, I thought he was using anti- DWU setups but then I noticed he was just empty jumping into something. Is that some kind of setup or simply, Sasaki’s amazing reads? Thanks in advance.

Edit: Forgot to post the link lol


Not really a setup since it’s really up to the opponent whether they DWU or not, it’s Sasaki taking advantage of Ooitajin’s habit of DWU after every KD. He throws, takes a slight step forward, if it’s regular get up he’ll just land in front and if its DWU he’ll end up behind. So instead of DWU forcing Sasaki to rethink his jump-ins, he’s made it so Ooitajin has to be careful which wake up to do because depending on which one he does determines which side Sasaki lands on. (Assuming Sasaki jumps with the same timing everytime, he can always delay the jump or the spacing though).


Oh, I see. Thanks for explaining that Seikano. :smiley:


Sasaki vs Poongko FT5


Still waiting on those Topanga matches to get uploaded to youtube…


They probably wont be, Topanga is pretty good at doing take downs on them. They are paid streams after all. However youku has them if you look hard enough, but their video service kind of sucks so GL.


Thing is they’ve always been uploaded eventually. I haven’t seen a single vid yet though, not even from a temporary channel. And youku is indeed awful.


Cody matches from 7:03 to 9:10, 12:09 to 18:05, then 33:08 to the end of the video.


24 minutes of Poifuru going against Hishou. Good viewing