USF4 Cody Video thread



I think we are getting a bit off topic but I had to point out that just recently I saw a ~430ish damage 2 bar combo from Rolento without using ultra. He has enough frame advantage after a patriot circle FADC to link to his sHK. He has the potential to do stuff like sHK - crMK - Patriot 1x - FADC - sHK - crMK - Patriot 3x for a bunch of damage.

Also on counterhit his sHK can link into itself. His overall combo options and frame trap options have yet to be fully explored.


nope. Just stuff he could do in SFxT and now more due to FADC and ultra. Nothing really new, but no one took the time to bother with SFxT so most of this stuff is pretty new to most.

anyway though. the cody matches were nice. I’m assuming those EX moves getting stuffed were EX upper during the adon match.


he is noticeably different from SFxT incarnation on a number of buttons / options.

His dashes are faster in SF4 (in SFxT his dash is 21F but that would prevent him from doing patriot circle - fadc - sHK unless his sHK was like 2F startup or patriot circle has like 26F of hitstun and most moves only have 20F. It’s actually pretty rare for a move to have more than 20F. There are some, but they aren’t common.)

Also his forward dash at 21F would make his level 2 focus dash on block only +1 and that doesn’t seem to be the case judging by the frame trapping I’ve seen from it, but it COULD be only +1.

crLK in SFxT was only +2 not chainable. In SF4 he can link crLK - sLP
crMK seems to have less range
sMP in USf4 is special cancelable
crMP in SF4 has more frame advantage than in SFxT (at one point it was +7F on BLOCK in SF4. it is only +5 onblock in SFxT)
clsHP in sfxt is 9F I’m pretty sure it’s faster in SF4 unless his close LP is +9 on hit like it is in SFxT since I know clsLP - clsHP was linking in videos of the arcade release

His f+MK is an overhead in SF4 but it’s not overhead in SFxT.

His EX Stinger is a totally different move from SFxT. SFxT it’s basically just the same as regular stinger but he throws 3knives and they have less frame advantage. SF4 he does a hop forward, they hit overhead, and he has some type of invincibility on startup.

SFxT had a totally different hitbox and hurtbox system. Hurtboxes were mostly the same exact size for every character except for a couple instances. Also most of them were much smaller. In SFxT for instance Cody can only get 3 crLPs instead of 4 that he can in SF4. Also throws were slower and less ranged.

Don’t forget also that SFxT and SF4 are totally different environments system mechanic wise. In SFxT Cody is one of the lowest damage characters mid screen and has some of the least benefit from a counterhit in the game yet in SF4 Cody is one of the higher damage characters and gains a ton from landing a counterhit.

I actually played Rolento quite a bit in SFxT, he is one of my fav characters.


Pretty sure that is Sasaki playing, overall playstyle is really similar and he does alot of the same habits…and ofcourse the red stripes.


Did anyone else see this ? (at 1:08)


Yes. I genuinely cracked a smile when I saw the damage.


Can’t wait for the Cody change video from Capcom. I wanna hear Combofiend try to explain the reasoning behind some of the changes lol.
I’m betting he won’t mention EX CU losing TI frames too, Capcom are forcing people to keep that under wraps lol


“Hello street fighters, Peter ‘Combofiend’ Rosas here. With armour breaking knife throw and Zonk FADC, Cody will now be a force to reckoned with in Ultra Street Fighter IV.”


Yeah and: “We thought his Ultra 2 was too strong so we toned down the damage in compensation for it working properly if it hits the opponent… oh but you still get punished if you hit airborne opponents hold dat.”


Combofiend : “Now that we have fixed Ultra 2 to connect at the end and also fixed opponents from dropping out of the Super, Cody will now do the proper amount of damage. This should make him a stronger character” lol



The drops. The horrible, horrible drops D:


kept trying to go for f+MP>cl.MP>cr.HP but you know…that’s not an easy combo to begin with lol.

and at some point Sanfard just started disrespecting him since Chin was giving him so much respect. Sure that didn’t help out.


Chin hasn’t got very good execution. I also noticed that he doesn’t plink. Pretty interesting to play Cody and not plink :smiley:


…I play Cody and don’t plink.

Actually I don’t plink at all in this game.


NoMeGusta. How you hit all your 1 framers at 90 %. Dont be a pie chin… dropping all the hard combos because your insistent on hitting them…

Then again if you play like i play cody i do. You dont do all day unless its very important. or you are a jedi. cr lp st mp and cl mp cr fp and cl mp + ultra 2 seem too hard to not plink. props if you dont


I’ve been working on f+MP>cl.MP>cr.HP but I’m not hitting that 100% so why bother if i’m not consistent with it still?

but stuff like cl.HP>cr.MP, i’ll hit no problem.


Same here, hitting it 90% feels great up until your blocked criminal upper gets ultra punished ,_,


@Shin Oni I plink, which enables me to always do the max damage combo. That’s really a win-win, no downside to it really. And I can also hit confirm from a jab into U2 consistently, and I could never do that without plinking. If you don’t plink, you really can’t play Cody as consistently, IMO.


I plink, but I can do sMP - crHP pretty consistently without plinking or even double tapping (at least in training mode. Online is a dif story lol). There is no reason NOT to plink though.