USF4 Cody Video thread



I pretty much plink every button i can except the st/cr.lp, when i learned to play on stick i also pretty much learned the game, fighting games in general, from the ground up. So i immediately started plinking because there was no downside. I used to be better at doing his one framers when i only used Cody, now i’m more sloppy though :frowning: Can’t wait until USFIV is out for console and loads of Cody footage comes out.


This is the same for me lol, I can’t say it’s a good habit but it sure helps with plinking consistently.

Imo the most important 1frame combo with Cody is cr.jab > st.strong > cr.fierce, and it’s going to be even more important if people are still going to be fadc-ing forwards in Ultra :wink:


This is what i’m most excited about, all that juicy cody footage



Honestly though i wish i had an offline group of friends to play with. i can go to hamilton ontario on certain thursdays but fuck offline links are like “lol how do i drop them” online its like “this is my most consistent link wtf!!!”

I could go to toronto more but even if i go to the go-station (train) its still like 30 on gas each way + 2 hr transit time + streetcar fees. maybe if im visiting my brother but as much as i love this game i have other interests i would rather spend money on.


27:35 - Cody mirror
32:45 - Cody vs Vega
36:12 - Cody vs Dee Jay x2
58:40 - Cody vs Poison

Fair amount of the new characters in the video as well


Nice! Was weird when crack kick went over RCF lol o_O


718 Stun Red focus combo


Yay Sasaki on video.


Man. Ken just seems flat out better than Cody now. Previously there was enough areas it could be argued Cody was better. Now? Ken got a better anti fireball ultra, WAY better walk speed. comparable frame traps, better mixups, better fireball, better wakeup, better lows, better overheads, better throw game, better forward dash (due to kara focus), and a better super.

Cody has… a bit better damage, better access to EX Red Focus (which isn’t even that useful for him due to scaling being basically the same as LP CU - FADC - crLP but with costing more meter… If only Cody could combo into his EX Badstone after EX RF.) and a bit better reach on his far pokes (but Ken can get into the range to use his far pokes better due to walk speeds.)

That said, watching Cody be able to do walk up throw at 2:48 was pretty sexy. That forward walk speed buff made that possible. I seriously doubt it would have worked with out it.


That’s my feeling as well, honestly. I’ve tried quite a bit of both of them, and Ken just seems to do all the things Cody does better than him. DP FADC nerfs hurt him, but he overall feels to be in a much better spot than in AE2012. Not sure if I can say the same for Cody, especially since all of the grapplers got better and he lost one of his best tools against grapplers.

Cody still chucks rocks though and is thus cooler than the rest of the cast.


I honestly thought Ken had a edge over Cody beforehand just because of his vortex on oki.

It’s not hard blocking Ken’s vortex even if you have a viable wakeup reversal.


Pie Chin vs. Broly Legs FT5

My thoughts:

  • Chin loves to cr.MK as a AA. Which is fine but there were times he could have done HK ruffian and easily got more damage + knockdown. He does start going for it later in the set though.

  • Does a good job showing you can blow up Poison’s pressure game with focus until the Poison player starts mixing it up with love me tender (her armor breaker).

Otherwise pretty good set on both sides.


CODY VIDEOS amirite?

Not exactly high level Cody play here, but the video is fairly entertaining nonetheless.


I enjoyed his surprise that xx lk ruffian ‘doesn’t combo any more’ and the Juri player who NEVER BLOCKS.


Those are my favorite players to play against though :V


More videos straight from my Youtube-feed. This time: 20+ minutes of Chin vs Smug!

Features some interesting knife usage in the Dudley matchup, amongst other things. I especially liked how Chin set up the pick-up cancel in the corner around 3:30.


lol Smug asking if EX CU is like a DP now :wink:


My gripe is that Chin doesn’t hold the knife long. He always throws it once he picks it up. If he does hold it, he doesn’t hold it long lol.

I’m kinda confused why he runs U1 in this match though. But it seemed to work out for him.


You have the biggest hard’on for cody’s knife. i agree it has merits and people aren’t using them its just funny.

Eternal “i7” Cody. knows every decimal place and flag in cody’s data files

Now i think of you as

Shin Oni “Knife or life” Cody

not having a go at you just stating how my mind associates you and cody posts lol


I actually was thinking that once I posted that tidbit. Once I post that, I was pretty positive someone would say something lol.

Yea lately i’ve just been using the knife more on all characters just to see how it fairs in matchups i’m not saying “use the knife”. Still being underused and it doesn’t help Chin just keeps chuckin it as if he’s getting extra damage over rocks or anything.

I dunno. People just panic when they see the knife.