USF4 Cody Video thread



I’d love to use the knife and switch my game between those styles and try to confuse my enemy.


Knife throw on block does more chip than badstone (though only 5more)


Even more than level 3 badstone? That’s kinda silly even if it’s only by 5. (that is if we’re talking about lvl3.)


Same as Level 3 but the speed difference is huge then.

Level 3 badstone done absolutely frame perfect = 52F startup (or 59F for HP)
Knife pickup canceled to knife throw = 41F startup (that is INCLUDING the time it takes to pick up the knife)

That is using the new USF4 charge times too which are faster for level 1-3 (no change to level 4). In AE2012 level 3 was 71F startup at fastest.


My friend’s Cody at a mini tourn here. At the start vs Sakura, 31:30 (vs E. Ryu/Yun), and 44:07 vs my Chun/Rose.


More local sessions here, using spoiler tag to load faster.



Me screwing around at our local bar tourney.


Art vs. Chin FT7

I don’t think Chin is either comfortable in the Rose match or doesn’t know much about it. He’s let a lot of cr.MP>special go completely untouched. (no zonk, no U2) Early in he’s really reversal happy (EX upper almost anytime he has meter on knockdown) and Art either punishes or blocks outside of a few. He calms down afterwards though.

He doesn’t challenge raw fireballs with Zonk at all. He does punish blocked spirals/ex spirals.

Still don’t think Chin is all that great at Anti Airing. He’s kinda getting better though.

It’s a nice set to watch. But chin’s footsies are pretty weak the more I watch this.


Love to know why people let crLK - badstone go unpunished all fucking day vs Cody. You’ll bitch when a shoto’s crMK - fireball isn’t a true block string because the opponent can fit in an invincible move between the attacks. Meanwhile crLK - badstone is like a 20F gap.


The funny thing is i’ll try to mix it up with cl.HP/cr.HP rocks/fake rocks strings and people blow me up for it after like 2-4 tries. I can only imagine how much chin gets away with cr.LK>rocks.

people can’t be THAT afraid of fake rocks. Not like he gets a frame trap setup off it. Sure isn’t getting it off a>rocks setup.


It makes even less sense once you realize: Fake rocks are even more of a risk since it’s even longer than the startup of badstone AND there is no projectile coming with the chance to interrupt an attack.


That’s why they don’t buff Cody properly, they don’t know how to fight against…


Arturo of all people should know how to fight Cody or at least know cr.LK>badstone isn’t a blockstring. He may just be afraid of getting counter hit. Though the few times Chin did get CH he didn’t convert.

Though the match isn’t really all that easy for Rose. Just looks like both aren’t really too familiar with the matchup.


Yeah I watched this last night and I thought there was a lot of unfamiliarity by the looks of things.
There’s another vid where he plays Arts Dhalsim which I haven’t watched yet.


I miss using reflect when my friend uses Cody. Need to remember that it’s good but shouldn’t be a cructch. :shake: :lol:

friends’ casuals



Here it is…in all 22 hideous colors…


God damn it they’re all terrible lol.


It could be worse honestly. At least it’s not like Chun’s or C. Viper’s fits. Now those look terrible.


Colour 15 looks passable. I don’t know what they were going for though honestly.


I’ve figured what they’re thinking. He’s doin’ community services on his “vacation” lol