USF4 Cody Video thread



It took some doing to beat the SFxT costumes for awfulness… but they did it!


I thought his SFxT costumes were great. Better than all the alts in SF4 outside of Alt1.

the Police outfit was a shoutout to final fight boss Edi.E and Paul alt looks hilarious for Cody.


In general though the SFxT costumes were mostly bad though. Cody’s alts were solid but a bunch of them were terrible. I still don’t understand Poison’s alt where she is covered in spikes.


The Paul alt would have been okay if they’d left the hair alone - it really doesn’t look like it was modeled properly. The Edi.E one would also have been okay if the clothes didn’t hang off so much. Comedy outfits are fine if they’re done well, like robo-Gief, but the novelty wears off pretty fast for the rest of them. Why couldn’t they have just given everyone another set of costumes that LOOK LIKE ACTUAL CLOTHES?


Personally, I don’t like these kind of costumes, too normal for me and too normal for Street Fighter lol.

The Edi E. one fits Cody perfectly especially when I colored him to look like Jotaro from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure series.

Anyway, I’m using this new costume, only this neck bandana is bothering me.


The whole point of the Edi E costume hanging off Cody is that Edi E is way bigger than Cody. He robbed Edi E and left him in his underwear in some dark alley. It’s not meant to be a “joke” it’s meant to be an asskicking.

Edi E is 6’8" (204cm) and 319lbs (145kg)

Cody is 6’1" (185cm) and 176lbs(80kg) [though this is the official stats and a guy with Cody’s measurements and muscles should be quite a bit heavier in reality if you ever looked up Boxing or MMA stats, he should be closer to 185-200]


Costume ‘too normal’ for Street Fighter? As far as I’m aware, SFIV is the first in the series to even offer alternate costumes that weren’t just palette swaps.

I understand the reasoning behind the Edi.E costume (you’ve mentioned it before) but that doesn’t make the costume look any better. They gave Sagat Cracker Jack’s costume from the EX series, but they tailored it to fit him - how stupid would it look if it was supposed to be the same size as the C Jack model?..


Sigh, now you’re playing semantics.

Also, They DIDN’T give Sagat Cracker Jack’s outfit whatsoever. People just saw a suit+tie with a hat pulled low and wanted it to be cracker jack. Maybe it was inspired by CJack, that’s possible, but Capcom can’t say that because they don’t own the rights to any SFEX Chacters, Arika does.

Here is Cracker Jack in SFEX

And in EX2

Here is Sagat in his new costume.

Sure there are similarities, but it’s kind of a basic suit and tie look. Once you get past the fact it’s “suit + tie + hat” you got a lot of pretty major differences. Shoe style, no flower, no jacket, totally different hat style + striped hat, the scarf, the guns, the fact NONE of the colors released match Cracker Jack’s colors for either EX or EX2. EX2 C Jack didn’t wear a tie, and EX 1 jack looked nothing like Sagat’s alt.

Also, Alpha3 had two different outfits for Chun Li, not just pallette swaps. First game SF game with alt costumes :wink:


Nothing in my post was ‘playing semantics’. And starting a post with ‘Sigh’ is pretty antagonistic, particularly given that we’re talking about something as trivial as alt. costumes.

So which is it? They didn’t give him the outfit whatsoever, or it was maybe inspired by C. Jack? I think given the number of people who saw the costume and instantly made the connection, there’s no reason to doubt it - particularly given that Guile’s costume is very clearly inspired by D. Dark’s.

This is the case with virtually any costume ‘port’. If you look at the SFxT costumes, none of them are exact copies of the source material. They also made them fit the character in most cases, even when the two characters had completely different body shapes. If the reason Cody’s Edi.E alt is way too big for him is supposed to be to do with him literally mugging the guy for his clothes, that’s clearly an in-joke - if you think that’s funny, great, but if you don’t then all you’ve got is a guy who looks like he’s wearing hand-me-downs.

Good spot. However this just proves the point - even though Chun had an alt. costume, it was an entirely appropriate, fitting costume that matched the character and wasn’t done for laughs or as fan service. Now granted, Cody’s new vacation costume doesn’t really fall into either or those categories, but surely there’s no denying it looks like something cobbled together out of leftover costume pieces.


Actually it was the very definition of semantics. As is your arguing over the difference of what it means to be “inspired by” vs “imitating/copying” and claiming they are the same thing. You are arguing over the language. That is semantics.

I said it MIGHT have been inspired by it. Something can be inspired by something without actually having to BE the thing it was inspired by. The Beachboys Album “Pet Sounds” was inspired by the Beatles “Rubber Soul” but they aren’t remotely the same thing. Perhaps you are mistaking “inspired” for “imitating/copying”

Cody’s outfit was supposed to BE Edi E’s clothes. It was in the description for the DLC itself. It wasn’t even an “in joke” in that sense.

I dunno why you would think it looks like hand me downs when he clearly is wearing it over his prison uniform. Just looks like a shoddy/lazy disguise attempt. Kind of fitting Cody’s standard M.O.

Your opinion is your own and you’re entitled to it. I’m not trying to tell you to like or dislike something. I’m fine with whatever. I’m just pointing out that the reasoning you’ve provided is full of holes. Now if you had just said “I don’t like the concept behind it” or “I just don’t care for it” there is no argument there. Saying things like “I don’t like the clothes don’t fit” is arguing against the concept without saying that you simply don’t like the concept and is a faulty argument from the start. Comparing it to other alts has also shown to be full of holes as you are saying things like “Chun Li’s fits her and is normal” as though it was a FACT but that is an OPINION.

That’s all man. You don’t like this costume from the concept to the end result, that’s cool.


I know full well what the definition of semantics is. Here is the post in which you said I was ‘playing semantics’:

Nowhere in that post do I say anything about inspiration or imitation, nor do I claim they are the same thing.

As I’ve said already, I understood the intention I just don’t think the end result looks good. Obviously I have no actual stats to back this up, but I would suspect the percentage of people who downloaded the costumes that actually read that is very low. I’ve never seen it for one, and I’m an Eventhubs junkie just like everyone else on here.

Condescend much? :wink: This is the standard argument on the internet. I know I’m not stating facts; I know I’m offering opinions. I shouldn’t have to end every sentence with ‘IMO’ for this to be understood.


well the costume’s there like it or hate it. I still think both SFxT alts for Cody are better than all but Alt 1 in SF4. At least they tried.

SF4 Alt 2 makes sense but I still think it’s a bland choice. It’s a prison garb and it’s the outfit he wears in the horrible Final Fight Revenge.

Alt 3 after seeing it in action looks alright with the right colors. The shoes are nice for him and the jacket works with again, the right colors.


Yeah, I suppose you get used to them eventually. I hope this isn’t the last costume pack though, even if they are exorbitantly expensive.


I’d rather they stop making costumes and fix the constant bugs the game is obviously still having.


Didn’t they farm the costume-making out though?


USF4 was done by Udon. I dunno if SFxT was but given the quality of some of them it wouldn’t surprise me.


Cracker Jack’s costume would be godlike for Cody, changing the pipe for a baseball bat on U2 ending.


BJ Unchaned vs. Ramin

I kinda watched some of this at work on Tuesday. I can’t really tell you how I feel. It’s a nice set at least.


My God, those lk. ruffians


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