USF4 Cody Video thread



local tourney in Manila earlier in the month



More Cody vs Guy from the previous set/posts


Some dubious but entertaining commentary on the knife ‘buffs’ at the start of this video…


Unnecessary buff? GTFOH man.


Not sure why Chin has U1 but whatever. ended up winning the sets.


The beginning of that commentary honestly pissed me off a little.


Then they complain about Cody’s knife throw -> MK Ruffian.

They just never put any time into researching Cody’s knife and instead complain about it. It’s a perfect example of how the knife ISN’T really particularly good outside of the lack of knowledge most players have about it’s options/ranges.

If you can go into a fight vs a character without having done research on even the basics of a characters options AND feel comfortable in the match, chances are that the options the other character has aren’t particularly good.

Like you try and go into the viper matchup without knowing about crossup burn kick you’re gonna get blown the fuck up. You go into a match without knowing about Dudley’s overhead or that he can combo out of F+HP on air hit you’re gonna get blown up. You go into a match with no idea about Cody’s knife mechanics, you’ll do ok. Lol.


Eh the normal cancel into knife pickup was unnecessary but it’s the best knife buff from Ultra IMO. But it’s not like anyone’s picking up Cody’s knife anyway. The best thing about it is just being able to keep safe pressure going while picking up the knife and being safe. It’s also good for fakeouts I guess if people think you’re going throw rocks. (because really who picks up the knife?) Even better in tournament if there’s no headsets to hear Cody yell “Great” when picking it up. (ended up having a Ryu player do Ultra on reaction to me picking up the knife but he thought it was me throwing rocks during CEO Teams tournament lol. Should have put on the headset.)

but lets talk about the lack of knowledge most players have against Cody. Because that seems to be a glaring problem overall here.


It’s not only the knife. After that match where Chin did a cr.LK > Bad Stone pressure I doubt nothing.


Sasaki vs a very good Vega at 15.40.
Watch all three games. Do it.

edit: lol it was already posted by 4neqs. Watch all three games anyways :V


See if you can guess what the coaches told him to change after the first game :wink:


BJ ex zonks waaaaaaay too much lol.

wasn’t a bad watch when I saw it last night. He def adjusted after he got coached to blow up overheads with cr.HP.


The cr.hp crouchtech was obvious and surprised me the commentators didn’t pick up on it. Though that wasn’t all what changed, BJ started reading white gun like a book.
I really like watching BJ play as he is pretty damn solid but then those questionable EX Zonks come into play, it’s a bit of a crutch tbh, good to do occasionally but it shouldn’t become your hallmark, though if it keeps working…why not right? And, i’m not the one placing in tournies.


Daigo use random shoryukens and everybody loves it, same with GamerBee, it’s just his style.

And he played well in the teams tournament.


BJ Timed his EX Zonks vs FIlipinoman really well, also his conversions from trades is impeccable.

I think gootecks, and most players, don’t realize how big a risk Cody often is taking to maintain pressure or play footsies with things like Zonk, EX Ruffian, jump ins, EX Zonk mixups, and buffers to MK Ruffian/HP Criminal Upper. As Valle pointed out, Filipino man was throwing bad fireballs and missing punishes. That doesn’t make the matchup bad for Rose, that means you aren’t playing the matchup right.


Sasaki joined the Topanga League B, yeah !!! The final below…
I think the Yun doesn’t know the match up really well.

Endless between Sasaki and Kiryu Tsukimiya (Guy) about 2 hours, just insane !
IMO, it’s the best player using Guy versus the best with Cody right now.


The weird thing was Filipinoman was punishing EX Zonk pretty well (especially compared to everyone else!) but less so with the other punish opportunities. Gootecks was also talking about how Rose doesn’t want to be at far range versus Cody, but can’t she just sit there and build meter a hell of a lot faster than Cody? Even without reflect I’m sure her fireball builds a lot more than rocks. Also, I don’t think I saw BJ hit a single buffered jab into ruffian, which is bread and butter in that matchup. Good to see Cody winning something though :wink:

Edit: Did anyone see the trade EX CU into overhead combo in one of the solo matches? Wtf!

Here it is around the 3 min mark:


Nah, actually at far range is IMO Rose’s weakest spot vs Cody (other than Rose being forced to block while in the corner). She wants mid or close range. Yeah her fireballs build 3x as much meter, but she can’t throw them nearly as fast as Cody due to the total frame count difference and she risks a dash up - EX Ruffian if she gets too obvious in her timing. In any other matchup she’d suppliment this weakness by reflecting/absorbing but Cody’s badstone can’t be reflected or absorbed. (Seriously if it could then Cody would be shit out of luck full screen vs her.)

In addition, because Rose’s fireballs tend to come out higher off of the ground Cody’s badstone often will slip under Rose’s fireball at full screen and hit her feet instead of getting canceled out by her fireball.

Plus it’s pretty much risk free for Cody to just crMK under her fireball at that range.

BTW Fun fact I just discovered: If you remove projectile invincibility from Cody’s EX Ruffian it still goes underneath most fireballs once active. Vs Ryu for example, the projectile invincibility serves no purpose, the hurtbox is small enough that it avoids the fireball naturally.


Cody can’t throw 3 rocks for every one fireball though, so she’ll still be ahead in the meter stakes. She is at risk from dash up EX Ruffian, but equally she should be looking to bait that by varying the timing. I’d be interested to see if she can make use of a similar tactic now that EX Spiral is properly invincible, although maybe it doesn’t go far enough compared to EX RK. Cody can under the fireball, but at full screen what does that gain him? Even if the risk is small, he’s still going to get hit by one on occasion.

I wish they’d just fix EX Ruffian. Watching Bison matches the other day and he EX Scissors through fireballs from miles away all day now :frowning: Are EX RK and Deejay’s EX Rolling Sobat the only ‘go through projectile’ EX moves left that don’t work like all the others?..