USF4 Cody Video thread



I dunno what you mean. Deejay’s EX Sobat is projectile invincible 1-11F, the only thing is that it’s not projectile invincible till active, but there are a number of moves like that . AFAIK Cody’s is pretty much the only one of it’s kind. Where it’s only projectile invincible once active and none of the startup. Even Shotos tatsus are lower body projectile invincible a few frames before active. (Ryu’s lower body projectile invincibility starts on 7F for HK Tatsu but tatsu isn’t active till 12F)

The closest is probably Yun’s EX Shoulder which is only upper body projectile invincible during part of the startup (4-13F). And I guess normal Blanka balls/sumo headbutts which don’t become lower body projectile invincible until active.

I guess maybe Gouken’s palms strikes? Those are only projectile invincible in the middle part of startup, 5F delay before projectile invincible and then a gap right before it becomes active where it’s not projectile invincible.


I just meant that you often see Deejay’s EX Sobat getting stuffed by projectiles. Watched a Deejay v Sagat set the other night and it was happening constantly.


Cody doesn’t need to keep up in the meter game as much as Rose does though. From full screen Cody can do everything with just rocks because he recovers faster than her. Sure she’ll get the meter gain quicker but outside of throwing a EX fireball (which doesn’t really change anything.) Cody can chill full screen still controlling the pace of the match however he wishes. EX spiral got the invincibility buff but it’s definitely not going as far as ex ruffian to punish fireballs.

and remember Cody has life to spare against fireballs. Rose suffers from female life syndrome. So if he gets hit by 1 or 2 sparks, so what. When you get in Rose’s face, one combo will have her behind in life.


Health dif is only 50. Nothing worth mentioning. 5% dif is nothing, people highly overrate health differences in this game. However the meter usage is the thing, Cody doesn’t give a fuck about meter most of the time because his meter usage is so limited and situational. It’s bad to let Rose have a bunch of meter, but in terms of the “meter advantage” difference it’s not a big deal. More important to try and create a situation you can take advantage of, like a jump in on a fireball or an EX Ruffian than it is to build meter advantage IMO.


AG Lucky D vs. Pie Chin

I’ve always been taught to take the Sim match slow and work your way in. While focus is the overall go to answer, I think lucky D let chin in too easily. Chin kinda just does everything to get in and stay in.


Who fight against Chin knows that cr.LK is -1 onblock? WTF is these cr.LK > f.MP blockstrings?


#tbt #fbf I guess
footage of the local Cody from when or venue was new last year


I would like to share my YT channel that I’m uploading some matches (only the good matches [I think])

And adding here this Sasaki vid against a Yun.


when you mean good…explain.

because you won’t learn everything just from the “Good ones”.


I mean the ones that I atleast had some struggle or didn’t had too much lag problems.
Even if I lose the match and I find it good I choose to upload.


I honestly think Sasaki at this point is a better Cody player than Momochi was in his prime with the character.
There are some aspects one might be better at than the other, but overall…


I’d like more his style than Momochi’s.


Momochi still IMO had the best spacing and reactions of any Cody ever, Including Sasaki, knowing precisely where to crouch so that when he stood up attacks would whiff and he could punish with crLK.Momochi almost never dropped F+MP/sMP/crHP and always got his F+MP - U2 link.

That said, I think Sasaki handles dive kick characters better than Momochi ever did.


I remember seeing that F+MP/sMP/crHP combo from Momochi for the first time and I tried to do it in training room. In the end I was like “How the fuck did he do this consistently in matches?” lol


pretty sure Momochi is plinking. Along with practicing it.

I’m a bigger fan of Sasaki probably because i’ve been watching him from Super. I do like Momochi’s Cody but he doesn’t want to play him anymore.


Well, Sasaki makes dive kicks characters look so free…


Not always Predator:

Sometimes he struggles with em just like everyone else. He is better than most though, Cody just don’t like dive kicks :stuck_out_tongue:


This made me cry :’(


Well I was gonna post the sasaki vids from the latest Topanga league (Against sakonoko, Itabashi Zangief, and Santarouman) but the vids got taken down :confused:

If you haven’t seen it well…I dunno what Sasaki was actually doing. Elena he clearly didn’t know what to do but he literally gave up the match against Itabashi. (had the life lead and gief in the corner but pressured him…then ate a combo>red focus>U1 and lost. Then proceeds to lose that set and the next.) If he had won that round, he would have won the game.

As for Sagat, he just ate fireballs and wakeup throw/DP mixups. He didn’t attempt to zonk fireballs up close.


Been playing sf for a long time and I want to step my game up a little. So anything you guys can point out that I have been fucking up or stuff I should be doing. Please go ham.