USF4 Cody Video thread



More from my friend + a couple of pre-Aug v2012 that forgot to upload


I only saw the vs Chun and vs Juri ones so far, and those are the only ones I feel that I can confidently comment on

You have to be less tentative. If you want to stay far, throw rocks, and gather yourself and strategize, that’s okay. If you want to get in their face and start combos/counter hit setups, then that’s great too.

But don’t stay in that awkward midrange while doing much of nothing. imo that favors Chun-Li/Juri who mostly have moves that work best in the midrange.

Also, quit jumping around so much, better Chuns and Juris will AA you hard for that. At the same token, you have to anti-air them better when they get jumpy. I recommend more b+mp



Cody’s Super STILL dropping people :frowning:



I’ve never had people drop out of lk version of super when cancelling from CU. the mk and especially hk version are wierd. And i try to never cancel from hk ruffian into super as i did have drops then.
Anyway this drop was such bullshit, typical.


I never cancel off crim upper just because of how weird it seems. Usually it’s off cl.HP, cr.HP.


I don’t think that’s the norm at all.


A casual match I had with Pepeday at TFC which was pretty fun to play.


A fair amount of footage of a good Cody player in there.




Incredibly noobish question here, but what is the tech exactly? Is it a crouch tech, option select, or just plain raw reaction to the overhead? How do you execute it? This is vital for me because my most regular sparring partner mains Ibuki and abuses the shit out of her overhead :stuck_out_tongue:


He’s crouch-teching with fierce to beat the overhead. downback + lk + lp + hp.


Alright, thanks a bunch! This will surely come in handy.


OK, I’ve been playing this game forever and I still don’t utilize this stuff. I’m a dope.

So when you say crouch-tech with fierce, if I understand correctly, that means:

Crouch HP will come out UNLESS opponent goes for a throw, in which case the throw techs? Drawback being if unsafe, the crouch HP will come out and get punished on block (not looking at frame data, just observing pros/cons of the maneuver)

Should I be adding LP+LK to a lot of my higher damage moves when at close range strictly for throw protection? Is that a stupid question?


The cr.hp is SPECIFICALLY used to stop Ibuki players from abusing the shit out of her overhead as it is advantegeous on block, as a result of this Cody needs to keep blocking after having already blocked her overhead. Other instances this OS is used is against divekick characters such as Rufus or Yun.

I’m assuming you mean when YOU are on the offense that you cover yourself with a throw tech during big damage moves? In short, no. The reason for this is that alot of Cody his bigger moves are standing normals, which results in a throw if you add lp+lk, also alot of these moves are thrown out as a meaty attack or from further away where the danger of a throw is almost on existent. Lastly you make it unnecessarily complex for yourself.

I guess you can plink a close normal such as or cl.hp with a throw, however, and i hope Eternal is reading this, once you throw out a move, you cannot tech anymore.
For instance you do and you get grabbed out of the startup frames…you cannot tech anymore. So it is kind of useless. Adding throw techs(lp+lk) to your moves is mainly done as a defensive option and applied to your crouching attacks.


That completely answers my question - apologies for being unclear. I was referring to defensive crouching options, adding LP+LK to avoid being thrown while still attempting to break the opponent’s offense. I know it’s a weakness of Cody and the best solution is to not get yourself in a situation where your opponent rushes you down, but it’s probably the biggest flaw in my game. My matches against Dudley and Cammy are over as soon as they can start their offense with meter. I feel like I probably spam throw too much to try and avoid BEING thrown and just get knocked around. Need to work on blocking and reacting to tick throws, and using EX CU or cr. lp to break it up.


Ex criminal upper is not throw invincible, so youll get thrown from it a lot if other player likes to do tick throws. However sometimes you need to do it to stop them. With tick throws you react to the normal and press os lk+lp after it in anticipation of the throw. Other times if they are out of throw range you crouchtech when they walk forward. Cant react to throws themselves. Probably biggest skills you learn with cody is good defensive blocking and when to press buttons, during defense or offense.

I also like to hold ex zonk when i got knocked down or during pressure. I use it when i see/anticipate a fake blockstring coming out. Takes a bit of experience in recognizing common attack patterns though, it’s pretty easy to do.


Don’t get here often so apologies if this has been already posted:


Haven’t seen the man use Cody in a loooong time.