USF4 Cody Video thread



His Cody is a lot more rush down than before, still some of the same tricks but a lot more risks taken. They worked though, other than than the F+HK whiffed to level 3 zonk mixup he tried vs Vega which just got raw ultrad :frowning:


1 hr of Cody vs Sakura (session of my friends). Sry bout quality.



More Sakura vs Cody, from the same players



Thanks for the effort but that camera angle + the blurriness makes it nigh unwatchable. The low res would be fine if you could get a better angle like in the first set of videos you posted.


I think there’s a cap card ver, hold on :blush:


Sorry for that. Better vid quality here :blush:

Not exactly a copy of the above, but a cap card/better quality clip of similar at 56:00

casuals at the start, vs Balrog at 1:24:25, vs Akuma at 2:04:12, vs Evil Ryu at 2:57:20, and vs Ibuki at 3:14:18

casuals at the start vs Sakura and at 10:07

Also Omega at 22:00 (vs Bison and Yun), but neither I nor my friend have figured out how Omega Cody is supposed to go lol


Omega Cody is all about being as close to the opponent as possible at all times and also using Ultra 2 at all times. His frame traps are stronger because his throws do 180 damage and he has a 3F crLP and 6F closeHP and can confirm from crLK with crLK - crLP. F+LP -> LP -> Back-LP is + on block and as much as +7F on hit so you can do F+LP - LP - B+LP - crHP and it combos or use it for a frame trap.

Sadly, footsies are A LOT harder for Omega Cody. His crLK is 4F startup now. His crLP and crMP only have 2F active now but the same total frame counts. His crHP lost 20 damage but had no other changes. And his walk speed is AE2012 status. EX Ruffian is faster but doesn’t go nearly as far and is much more unsafe. MK Ruffian does less damage. HK Ruffian has a worse hitbox. None of the criminal uppers except EX will combo from footsie or punish range usage of crLK.

crMK is nearly AE2012 status in terms of frame data (it’s 1F less recovery than AE2012) but it’s got a stupid good hitbox, abuse that button.

You can dash up throw easier because Cody’s forward dash is 16F but if you do a focus dash it’s just like USF4 and it’s 21F so he doesn’t gain any additional frame advantage from focus attack dash cancels :frowning:

Cody’s super is worth using because it’s quite fast (6F IIRC) and does 440 damage and has infinite JP this means it’s possible to do Zonk XX Super.

Low Badstone is Cody’s main combo tool as it combos from most normals and does 120 damage and can be linked out of with crLP. You can also FADC and do closeHP - crMP or closeMP - crHP

Ultra 2 combos from damn near anything. closeHK, F+HK, HK Ruffian, and most criminal uppers.

Forgot, Cody’s F+HK is also not airborne in Omega mode and if it hits an airborne opponent they fall almost instantly. So if you get hit during it you get full comboed, it loses to throws, it doesn’t corpse hop, and if you use it as a backdash OS you can’t combo to MK Ruffian. Also you can’t do EX Zonk - FADC - F+HK - EX CU or F+HK - F+HK - EX CU



Chin did really well at that tournament. Big props to him getting top 16.


DenjinReflexx against a Viper and a Sagat.


Here’s a looong set between Poongko and Rossi Yeung:


So frustrating to see how many times HK Ruffian fails in situations it looks like it should hit but seth just jumps over it. It’s really hard for Cody to keep a good Seth from taking to the air. Seth’s jump angle + hitboxes usually avoid B+MP and HK Ruffian and Cody has mostly slow air normals meaning all he can really do is jumping lights which compared to the 300 damage + setup that Seth gets after a jump in doesn’t really discourage him. Hell, watch how many times Rossi takes to the air and his air 2 air gets counterhit even doing it as soon as possible thanks to Seth’s dive kick or d+mk

Also it’s damn near impossible for Cody to punish Seth’s ultra 1 from anywhere farther than mid screen.


also to note, It’s hard to air to air Seth when his j.MP is pretty damn good.


Cody vs. Seth has got to be one of the most pointless match-ups in the game. Either the Seth makes a couple of huge mistakes like whiffed/blocked dp or Cody guesses right on spd/tanden and takes half his health, or Cody spends the entire round being autopiloted to death. Pretty unsatisfying even when you win :frowning:


I don’t really understand why Rossi Yeung picked Ultra W. In most cases, Ultra 2 was more than enough to give him the round or at least, bring Seth close to death. Even when he FADCed after a fierce Ruffian Kick or a Zonk, he completed the sequense with a Crack Kick into Ex Criminal Upper and he didn’t combo to Ultra 1. Any particular reason as to why he chose to go with Ultra W instead of Ultra 2?


possibly to keep him in check. (as if it really matters seeing Poongko doesn’t care regardless) I don’t think the ultra matters much anyway against Seth he has paper life already. You’re still doing a good amount of damage while covering both options Seth can do in neutral.

Just my take though. Cody doesn’t rely much on Ultra in this match. As Grounded said, just hit him with a basic BnB and he’s already down to 40%-50% life with being in danger of stun. Even better if it’s off CH.

Just to give you an example, I played a friend who used Seth a few weeks back with Guy. I knocked him down, did the usual nj.HP safe jump on him and got a CH into stun off that combo. Then he died. So imagine how that goes with Cody once he does hit Seth without a CH.

Both are really just trying to get their pressure started. It’s just a lot easier for Seth to get in and do whatever and have him in the vortex as opposed to Cody. But Cody’s burst damage is way better than Seth.

Also saw a-cho loaded up a new Ultra vid and happen to see Cody in the still clip. Anyone know who this is? (starts 36:33 if it doesn’t automatically go to it.)
I did notice this person threw the HP rock glitch once. Though not sure if it was intentional or not.


I’ve seen quite a number go for the rock glitch, though almost never in 2012 or earlier because it wasn’t really viable due to the charge time + lack of early release. However I can’t recall EVER seeing anyone go for the frame perfect release or near frame perfect release. 90% of the time they wait till rocks are in air first because that was how the old charge time worked, you needed to wait till rocks were tossed up and landed in hand again (dumb they went by the animation rather than gameplay balance, if they went by animation only they should have made the charging have WAY bigger buff like hitting multiple times or having damage increase by 25 per level since every other char charge times are less than HALF of Codys and damage increased by at LEAST double and usually gets 2 hits while Cody gains ZERO frame advantage and barely a 50% damage increase. Oni only gets 50% damage buff but it hits twice and goes full screen and recovers faster while having 1/3rd the startup of Cody’s L4 badstone.)

I dunno who that Cody is, but I think I’ve seen him before. I’ve seen a gray Cody a number of times in a-cho clips.


That guy is Poifuru, 4th ranked Cody in Japanese arcades with a 64% win percentage. He’s in a lot of those a-cho videos.


Sasaki up against Mago. Man, I guess you REALLY got to be patient against the twins.


I think Sasaki showed Mago too much respect. He started waking up a bit in the later sets but he played too passive.