USF4 - Combo Cancelling Woes


So I’ve been putting a lot of work in on this game and I’m definitely getting better but I have an issue. Cancelling. I’m not talking about FADC > Ultra I’m talking about during comboes such as:

c. lp, c. lk, c. mp xx lk Soul Driver (or whatever that drill move is with Rose)

Am I missing something? I’ve never learned how to properly cancel a move into another move, but I thought it was just inputting the first move and as quickly as possible hitting the next move but it just doesn’t work. Should I be trying to cancel as early as possible? Later?

Anyone that could give insight, thank you greatly in advance.


Did you read the execution sticky?

If it doesn’t work, you’re either not inputting the move correctly or are inputting it too slowly.

Check out the thread I linked and head back to training mode.


let’s break it apart. focus on getting the last two moves until you are 100% cr. mp xx Soul Spiral. do the crouching mp then do the soul sprial asap before the animation for cr. mp ends. Now the tricky part work on the first 3 moves cr. lp, cr. lk, cr mp. The trick is you have to make sure the combos are linking and not chaining. google the difference between chains and links. why this is importaint is you can not cancel from a chain, just links (and target combos) once you have both halves of the combo down, then put it all together and dont get mad when it takes forever to do so!!! You are training your hands and brain to act and think in a very odd way and it takes time. Once you get it it’s easier. I suggest practicing the concept with Cody, Ryu, or Ken because they all have brain dead easy links into specials that will help your brain wrap itself around the concept.