USF4 controversy: What flavor would you prefer your LK Sobat?



I have my opinion on it, but what do the other DeeJay mains think?


How you gonna nerf one of his best footsie tools tho…


I think right now the only matchup where the quicker sobat would be beneficial is vega, since his main pokes are high enough to get around lk sobat’s low invincibility anyways. And at -3, he can’t punish all of them for free.

It’s definitely hurtful against shotos and other characters that have low strikes as their primary footsie tools though.


Shit just give me back Super LK sobat 14fr startup and all.


lmao i dunno about that…lk > lk sobat is way too useful :stuck_out_tongue:


The AE version is definitely better. -5 makes the Guile matchup bloody terrible, and ryu has his 1 frame sweep punish, but I’d MUCH rather live with these than not hopping over lows.


What about air borne lk sobat from super… or was that a bad thing? :open_mouth:


I would’ve been cool with a damage reduction and keep the low invincibility.


As if Deejay needs to lose to normals in new ways. Dumb Crapcom logic.

New anti Deejay tech = hold down back and press kick any kick


gg crapcom


This is one “buff” I find really confusing. I’m not really sure what that extra two frame advantage is supposed to help with honestly.


The low involve is more usefull in more matchpus than the -3 would have/is.


Exactly…this is a no brainer. Still can’t believe that did that.


to me, this change isn’t the end of the world, while low invul was one the coolest thing this character has ever had, and im really gonna miss the disrespect this move can show. Its gonna be a HUGE-O bitch to try to unlearn using it this way, but I think ill find the extra 2 frames better to maintain the offense, will it matter much? maybe not, but because I like to hit buttons at times, i probably shouldn’t, i’ll deal with it.

also i wont have to bitch about slides low profiling under sobat cause itll just get beat.

not a great defense for the change, but ill take the safer pressure, and be forced to deal with like everyone one else.

maybe im just too optimistic and being delusional


Ain’t nothing wrong with that. I don’t agree (how other chars “deal” with it isn’t how deejay can “deal” with it) but i respect the honesty.


I’m actually in the same camp. I think this change does a little more good than harm. most of the moves that frustrate Dee Jay low-midrange LK sobat sometimes whiffs anyways. Ryu cr.forward, Rose cr.strong, Rose soul Spiral, Rose slide.

Now instead of an extremely risky low crush we’ve got a poor man’s scissor kick. Only difference is our cr.LK’s reach doesn’t suck as hard as Bison’s and it’s now only 1f slower so more viable and safer to whiff punish these moves with cr.LK xx sobat instead. Fun fact, if poorly spaced, all versions of Soul spiral can now be punished with xx sobat on block.

As cool as the low crush utility was, the trade offs just weren’t in Dee Jay’s favor. We should let it go.


The thing about lk sobat having low inv isnt really to get cheap damage and pressure, its more to discourage opponents from sticking out low pokes after EVERY exchange. Deejay has to rely more on traditional footsies now, sure, but his distanced pokes are still pretty poor. This is where a better far rh would help him out.


yeah thats easily the worst part of it. i liked the idea of Deejay being Anti-footsie. but well only have for anything like that now. gonna have to try to stuff more moves with and cr.hp. I gave up on st.Hk a long time ago.


I guess we have to rely on the buff to counterpoke them now


yep. which im ok with, since i try to do that anyway. and cr.HP