USF4 Costume Thread


Here is a thread talking about the USF4 outfits/customization/ect

So to start off I just wanted to ask will USF4 have new costumes? Not including the pre order ones? I heard that they will add new costumes in USF4 but idk whether it was actually confirmed or if it was just a rumor so can someone answer me.

Also will the costumes from SFxTk be added as well? Not the swap outfits or cosplaying ones but the original newly designed ones like this

I don’t see why not, if we could get the stages from that game we should get those outfits as well


Some of the SFxT outfits are awesome. But some of them also suck. I’d prefer it Capcom just makes a bunch of new outfits that AREN’T funny/jokes. They give Akuma a samurai costume that looks crazy, for example, and then go and give Ryu a friggin’ construction worker outfit.

…The hell?