USF4 - Discouraged by combos


I can’t f^cking get any combo. Once I get past the lk/lp portions of these combos I just can’t get it. I tried plinking even and when I try to plink during the actual combo some how the lk or lp STILL COMES OUT.

Is there a character that has some particularly easy combos that I don’t know about? I’ve been trying and trying and trying with E. Ryu and Rose and I just have zero success. I love this game, but I feel like I’ll be a scrub relying on sorry ass lp/lk combos and special moves forever, and it makes me not want to play the damn game half the time. Any advice or help would be appreciated.


Are the moves coming out at all? Assuming your input display shows a proper plink and you get a cr.lp out that to me says you’re pressing the heavier move too fast. With links you need to let Move 1 finish fully before you do Move 2.


From my understanding the moves not coming out means I’m hitting the next button too early, and the moves coming out but being blocked means that I’m hitting the next button too late.

As for the plinks, it usually shows up as a proper plink, but at times it just shows up as two lp’s in a row and one of them comes out. That means I’m hitting the plink too fast, eh?

Really though, any characters that don’t have 1 frame links or anything like that which would be easier to start with because quite honestly I just want to get better at this game and right now I want to take a hammer to this damn arcade stick.


Start with basics. Ryu should be your go to character. Being able to do combos is nice and all but what’s even more important is straight basic fundamentals.


I have the basics down, that’s why I’m trying to progress… to combos. Combos are what I need help with.


First try to do the combo without plinking as you seemingly do not understand the concept of links, chains and cancels. This way it is impossible for you to get out a lk or lp without physically pressing the button.
I’ll elaborate on your problem at the end.

Step by step:, cr.lp, xx fireball

*, cr.lp is a chain, this means one normal attack chains into another before the move is completely done.
Chains hardly require any timing, you can almost mash it and it will still combo. Only light attacks chain in this game and not every light attacks chains into one another, it depens on the character.

*cr.lp, is a link, you have to wait before the cr.lp is completely done, this requires timing and practice. You will know the timing by experimenting, some hints to get the timing down:
-If the doesn’t come out after the cr.lp then you are too fast, you have to do it slower.

  • if the comes out but doesn’t combo, you are too slow and have to do it faster.
    A tip is to set the training dummy on “auto block”, it will block any moves that aren’t a true combo.

* xx fireball is a cancel, this means you wil cancel the recovery frames moves of an attack into another. It is basically a chain but with special attacks.
A cancel has to be done as fast as you can while still being comfortable with it. From you simply perform a QCF(quarter circle forward)+punch

Now to plinking, a plink should look like this when you look at the input display(which you can activate in training mode), the example below you are plinking mp and lp.
You always press the “heavier” button 1 frame before the other. This is a correct plink:


This is too slow:

This is too fast:

Your problem!

Assuming you are doing the plink correctly, you are performing the plink too fast after, cr.lp resulting in you doing a chain, which is a lp.
You have to do the proper plink slower after,cr.lp.

I hope this was clear enough.


If you’re plink is showing up correctly in the input display and you’re still getting light attacks, you’re trying to hit the link too fast. The light attack comes out because a lot of light attacks chain into other lights and the timing to get a chain isn’t very strict. Try to delay the plink and just practice. It can be tedious but you’ll get the hang of it eventually.

As for characters with easier links, you might just want to stick with the ones you already play but start out with some of their easier combos and start incorporating the tougher stuff when you’re more confident in your ability to pull them off. It’s much more fun and practical to practice stuff with the characters you like and are planning to main than to use some other character as “training wheels”.