USF4 - Final Changelog for Arcade Release


it’s in Japanese. translations would be more than welcome! :smiley:

Gouken SF4 Ultra Updates

I’ll start with the first page, editing this post as I go!

Edit: First page is done. Translating is quick, but inputting the text took longer than expected. I have an important job interview tomorrow morning, so I’ll have to call it a night now. If the log is untranslated by tomorrow evening Japanese time I’ll continue the translation.

Edit: On second thought, I will be cross-referring to this ( list. Will speed up things a ton
Additional changes below, no notes implies no changes to the linked list. I sadly do not have time to format properly tonight, so feel free to use the information in the OP.


EX Shoryu:
FADC cancel on first hit now allows all attacks except for grabs to hit[/details]


Recovery [16F] -> [13F], recovery on hit [-1F] -> [+2F], recovery on block [-4F] -> [-1F]
Recovery [21F] -> [19F]

hp Shoryu:
Damage increased [704030] -> [705030]

hk Tatsu:
Startup from [7F] -> [6F]

air Tatsu (non-EX):
Changed trajectory when used while rising [/details]

Chun Li:

[details=Spoiler]Rear Spin Kick:
Active frames from [4F] -> [3F]
Recovery from [15F] -> [16F][/details]

E. Honda:

[details=Spoiler]Far hk:
Recovery on hit [-3F] -> [-2F]
Hurtbox slightly increased at the front edge of the move

Ultimate Killer Head Ram:
[10F] startup, but says reduced from 11 instead of increased from 8F[/details]



No changes


[details=Spoiler]Total changes to banishing flat:
lp: Startup -3F, 2F faster recovery on hit, 1F slower recovery on block
mp, hp: Startup -2F, 2F faster recovery on block

Redundancy! Or misprint. Says lp, mp, hp banishing flat but I would assume EX from the context
EX: Startup -2F, 1F faster recovery on hit, 2F faster recovery on block[/details]


[details=Spoiler]Sonic hurricane:
When hitting someone airborne, all hits will now connect[/details]



OLD: Yoga Catastrophe: Not possible to perform if a Yoga fire is on screen is not listed. Rejoice.


[details=Spoiler]Turn punch:
Levels 2-4 are now separated by approximately 2 seconds of charge

Level 1: [-2F] -> [0F] on block
Level 2: [-5F] -> [-1F] on block, [-1F] -> [+1F] on hit
Level 3: [-8F] -> [-2F] on block, [-4F] -> [-1F] on hit
Level 4: [-12F] -> [-4F] on block, [-8F] -> [-2F] on hit[/details]


[details=Spoiler]Rolling Crystal Flash:
lp, hp, EX: After FADC on block + forward dash the recovery is changed from [0F] -> [+5F]
mp: After FADC on block + forward dash the recovery is changed from [0F] -> [+3F]

Super clarification - Gauge is now consumed when claw starts the super, not when he hits the wall[/details]


Where did you find this? Are you sure this is new? It looks an awful lot like the older change log

EDIT: All right I’ll shut up


pls translate for akuma


Follow this link…


It seems that they will do the job faster than me anyway :3
I’ll give you the Akuma one real quick before bed:

close mk: Forces stand on hit, startup from 5F -> 4F, increased hitbox downwards
crouching hk: Can cancel to shin shungokusatsu (super?)** EDIT**: Ah sorry, you’re right. Now not possible.
All jump back air hadous: +2F recovery
EX demon flip: can cancel to EX air hadou
mk shoryu: second hit non-cancellable now
hp shoryu: second, third hit non-cancellable now. Invulnerability frames from 6F -> 5F
lp, mp, hp shoryu FADC dash is now at -5F recovery


crHK they removed the cancel to super.

From the sounds of it there was no new changes since the -5F DP FADC change announcement.


Most are completely without changes, yeah. Yang also completely untouched btw.


Waiting for Eventhubs to put Juri up. I’m half expecting her buffs to get destroyed.


Juri is unchanged from the old list.




Looking at the main page list, I look forward to adjusting to these strange and horrific new Cammy changes!

Cannon Strike out of Hooligan whaaaaaat the hell is this.


Seth’s yoga sniper has been removed in japan beta arcades.
Look at 1:42 of video.
Rejoice! I’m a Seth player and I hate that move.


and it seems that his teleport has improved or I could be just seeing things… Anyone else agrees?


Didn’t they remove Yoga Sniper like 2 change builds ago?


Mr. Pavy alt account


He had it until the final list

But somebody at Capcom really hates him


He didn’t have it in the Beta Change list though.


He lost it a while ago. Even though it was worse than Super’s j.HP, I guess they didn’t want to scare Hugo players anymore than they already have.

Teleport always looks faster in recordings, doubt they would sneak a buff like that.