USF4: Good Secondary For Yang?/ What are his good and bad matchups?



im trying to main yang in usf4 and am wondering who can cover his worst matchups? the characters i already know how to play are dudley, evil ryu, oni, decapre, hakan, juri, akuma, posion , and rufus. do any of those chars. work as a secondary?


Someone who fights Dictator, Sagat, and grapplers well. I’m not sure who that is though. I’ve never really looked into it.


Out of the characters you listed I think Akuma and Juri do well vs grapplers and Sagat, Oni does well vs grapplers too (gief at least). Not sure on Bison matchups.


I always thought Yang fought Sagat just fine.


Play Mago or Bonchan, and they will change your opinion.


Juri player here confirming. Grapplers still arent an easy win though.
Hugo is the most free of the grapplers. You can land high fuhajins mid screen while he crouches. If you hit a button he will eat it. Good EX Lariat bait punishes if you study up.
Gief can harass you with green hand and lariats if they are highly knowledgable.
Hawk is an issue when he has meter. EX Condor dive is to be feared. It goes through fireballs.
I’ve never even considered Hakan a threat.
Able is the most annoying since he can roll through a fireball and command grab you. You cant really do the fireball game.
Sagat is almost laughable but he hits so hard that you gotta mind your manners. Treat him stupid and you get that U1 setup.


Sagat hits hard?


I like Ryu as a secondary to Yang, you neutralize a lot of bad matches with the bonus of getting to play shoto mirrors.


What do you guys think about akuma as a secondary? He does well against grapplers and bison


I’m currently alternating between Cammy and Yang as mains. For both of them, though, my preferred secondary is Poison. She/He strikes an excellent balance between keeping grapplers out and going in when necessary. And not to mention,




No, they won’t, because they’re gods, and I’m an ant.

Sorry, but I just don’t see it. You’ll need to elaborate. The matchup feels similar to AE in my limited experience.


I currently run like 6 characters in tournament to cover for my weaknesses.

Against Rufus players, I go Akuma or Sakura or Cammy
Against Gief players, I go Akuma or Ryu
Against Bison players, I go Akuma or Ken
Against Balrog players, I try with Yang and then go Akuma or Sakura
Against Honda players, I go Ryu
Against T. Hawk players, I go Akuma
Against Hugo players, I go Chun


I see your point, but at the same time I don’t. Just because godlike players can make something work, doesn’t necessarily mean the match up is bad

Like Sagat’s best tools get shut down in the fight. His buttons all lose to your cr. fierce and EX Tiger knee becomes his only real way to get big damage outside of you doing really bad jumps or eating tiger shots.


I play Bison, he mauls Oni so not a good secondary if you’re having problems with Bison.

So hard he has to do a backflip on his Tiger Uppercut.

Erm… What?

Did Capcom release a MOBA, or is this Flash Metroid?


Naw, I ain’t Flash. I’m not that much of a scumbag. However there are some fights that I refuse to lose and just give the other guy a game for no reason. I’ve just been playing SF forever, so switching characters is easy for me. Akuma was my first in SF4, I’ve been playing Sakura since CVS2, Ryu/Ken back in SF2 and Cammy/Chun when I got bored with Akuma/Sakura in SF4


His only way to get big damage is uppercut to ultra 1 just like in all of his matchups. Inevitably people will get hit by it anyways though.


Chun and Yang compliment each other fairly well IMO. I’m learning Yang for this reason, that and hes very footsie oriented so the mental adjustment has been very natural for me, so I imagine Yang players would feel the same going to Chun.

She beats Dictator and all grapplers. shes even with Sagat


What about poison?


Poison works well too. But Chun-Li IMO provides better defensive options and WAY better walk speed. You’re just giving up a stronger fireball game, the character is more technically demanding, and your defensive options are only slightly better and require a charge. So it’s ultimately up to you.