USF4 gouken thread



Hey fellow srk members this will be a discussion thread. Stay on topic about specifically gouken and any information on his mu’s etc.


I’m pretty curious about up-to-date frame traps if anyone has some basics to recommend to me. I’m just entering using frame traps, though, so it really just has to be basic. Looking to frame trap into solid damage ideally.


Give me an example of a frame trap you do usually. Gouken can frame trap with his into fireball xx or depending how tight you want the frame trap and how much meter you have. is 3f startup so its ideal for a frame trap but you can only confirm into mp.palms and lp. palms. you can get ex palms which is big damage.


That’s actually about as much info as I was looking for, thanks. I don’t use frame traps at all, at least not intentionally, and as I’m learning Gouken freshly I figure I can implement them in my playstyle with him most easily.


Frame traps are coming soon!!!


No he can’t, unless if FADC is now replaced with xx, which is news to me.


We all have different lingo but yeah thats it.


These are chains mixed in with FADC combos. These are not frame traps.

Gouken’s main BNB depends on the user, but most start out with>cr.hp xx ex palm.
The others are used when spacing is not optimal or if you have no meter or, frankly, just to look cool.

There is no need to FADC the fireball to hit ex tatsumaki. The second one is fine but a lot of meter. It might be a waste to end with ex tatsu. Most likely, the opponent is in the corner or close to it. A reset or sweep is better.


I usually end my fireball fadc with a sweep but its ideal to use ex tats if you can to close a round. Its gonna be situational, if it was a corner I was in i’d follow up with two fireballs before I ex tats.


Edit:I Posted this in the wrong thread… lol

Please don’t overlap the match up info with the standard BNB/combo info. BnBs should work on anyone for the most part.

As far as the. MU’s it might be easier just to add any changes from Ultra and how they now apply/affect MU. Then you could just quote or copy the info that is still holds true from the existing threads. (See the master thread and the link to the Super/AE data. That I overhauled).

I believe another patch is coming out so you might want to wait, bc if that changes it will kinda change some aspects.

Definitey break the MUs up per character though so info isn’t lost and is all in one place as it is now.


spoke to my good friend john(veloc1raptor) and corrected the frame traps. Soon to be more tech up and matchup’s will be mixed opinions from me and john.


John? James? Okay.


lol how silly of me, but I am not giving out his last name simply for his privacy.Yeah though we’re gonna fix this up a bit hopefully players likw you bug off unless your contribution is worthy. You’re rude and are off topic just please spare embarrassment. Not only that but if your so good show me your gouken so i can maybe trust your judgement.


Oh my, and here we go!!! A lot of people know his name and so, don’t worry about that. Just focus on help each other here. And he might sound a bit rude but he’s not. Trust me I know the guy


Well I put this up on my own time to help others you understand? Either you wanna post to help or be a troll so hopefully he isn’t a troll. do you wish to run a ft10?




Dude. It’s like this. There is no intent to be rude, but there are core people here who have helped a lot of others get much better with Gouken. I’ve been posting here under this name and a former name since April 09. I dont claim to be the best at all but I’m sure some people in this forum will confirm that I know some things… So, you come in and want to rewrite the whole forum out of the blue…like, who are you? Then you know velociraptor who has two different first names? I mean, it would be awesome for raptor to come post. I just dont want this site getting filled with more misleading info. Its got enough already. Forgive me, I guess. I must just be an asshole then. You can find my videos in the “former” videos threads. Use to play as climaxter and now Grumpa-_-.


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xbl my gt is osimmity smash