USF4 Guile Video Thread: Random Health Nerf Edition



New thread for Ultra, lots of great uploads now, let’s get the best in here!

SSF4 AE 2012 Guile Video Thread: Return to Respectability

Local tournament last week

vs Rufus/Seth 2:33:00

vs Bison 03:15:00, vs Poison 03:23:00, vs Derricklegend Juri/Rose 03:33:00, vs Elena 03:47:00 (really bad on my part)


Any comments on Elena matchup, I was really awful in it


Can you embed Twitch?


Anything i should work on in this matchup?

Also if you feel like watching a series of my matches here you go



Hello guys. Here I let you a video teaching some of the Guile’s changes .
Sorry for my bad english / video quality.
If any of you disagree or have any suggestions on my video, feel free to comment.


XBL Match with me vs Lauwda (it was a FT10 Set)

Another match against a Poison player.


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XBL Match with me vs Lauwda (it was a FT10 Set)

Another match against a Poison player.


That combo you did on guy in the corner was awesome…i like that cr jab into ducking hp…stealing it!


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LOL. I learned all my stuff from @Alex_C

Also, that cr.jab > ducking Hp that you saw in the corner against Poison was actually a dropped combo. It was supposed to be… xx boom > FADC > Cr.lp > St.hp xx Sonic boom > Backhand.



Watching you play makes me feel like I should play more offensive. You also seem to like the c.lp s.hp blockstring a lot.


I love it alot. The +5 on cr.lp was on top of my list for requested buffs. I wanted that one buff more than anything else for Guile. lol


As a player who is constantly championing for everyone to use U2, I found a video that I think serves as a really good example. This is a 20 minute set between Zeus and Dieminion. When it comes down to it, there is little practical use to pick U2 for this fight outside of flashkick FADC. Despite this, Kev goes U2 the whole way and ends up winning rounds just for that reason.


I had Hakan hit me clean out of U1 with j.hp the other day. I will never use that POS move ever again. There’s absolutely no reason to use it now.


Yep, Ultra 1’s usefulness is completely shot. I’m completely switched over to U2 now.


I tried U1 against a Guy. I was in the corner and he jumped at me to where he was at a 45 degree angle above me…I let U1 rip and it whiffed completely…there is literally no strategic advantage to U1, only higher damage. Any situation you can think of to use U1, U2 has a better chance to land.


Anything i should work on? i dont care if i won the matches i would just like to get input from someone to make my game a little better.

  • Against Dictator’s U2, I’ll just neutral jump just in case he decides to land next to me or cross up instead of jumping away. Most importantly, spacing and anti air! Made it clear to the Dictator that you had issues anti airing him.


yea thats my main issue playing bisons period…i honesty dont know what to use when they jump in like that…either a crouching HP works or i use the standing mk? its weird and thats mainly how i lose most of my matches against bisons due to that jump in


I personally feel spacing control is extremely important against Dictator. Kind of shuts down all of his tools (both jump in and ground based).