USF4 Hints at Rivals?

After looking through the released gameplay screenshots of the four new characters in action, do you think their opponents could end up being their rivals in the game? Some of the pairings do kind of make sense. Hugo fighting El Fuerte, with Hugo wanting to be the No. 1 wrestler and ready to prove himself. Poison and Viper could also work as well. For those who haven’t seen the pics…

Elena’s fighting Rose
Hugo’s fighting El Fuerte
Rolento’s fighting Honda
Poison’s fighting Viper

I’m not even sure if Ultra will have rivals. I don’t think AE did.

Honda being Rolento’s rival is stupid as hell. They don’t have any relation together. Either him or Poison should be a rival for Cody. If not Rolento, then I’d say Bison would be a great pick.

Didn’t Guy give Rolento that scar across his face? It could be Guy too.

Well in the screenshots of Poison and Viper, in one of them they are having some kind of interaction that is clearly not gameplay or fighting related. So yeah Viper could very well be Poisons rival. Id put money on that. Hugo and El Fuerte makes sense as well in a generic way. They’re both wrestlers so why not?

Here is the Poison/Viper screen that i brought into question

I think this is a off shot with two Personal Actions going off…but thats just me…if they do have rival battles…cool, more fluff is always nice for those random ass times I actually finish arcade mode.

Edit: Actually im correct. Poison is doing her Taunt in SFxT and Viper is doing her PA #1…no rvial cutscene…just alot of hoopla.

Well you know what they say, your greatest enemy is yourself.

That definitely looks like a rivals cutscene

I don’t think so. Rival scenes are usually more close up.

Tbh right when i was about to post it i had the idea that maybe it was two taunts with a different camera angle, but wasnt sure.

I cant remember any of Viper’s taunts, nor what Poison’s taunt is in SFxTK. So i just threw it up here to see what everybody else makes of it.

Lmao my bad. I meant Rolento. -_-

Btw ash, AE didn’t have cutscenes for the new 4. They had rivals but not pre fight scenes at all

Let’s hope USF4 changes that…

I actually just think the screen shots were to show off the authenticity of the 4 new characters? since El fuerte, Rose, Viper and E.Honda do not appear in SFxT?

The picture of Poison and Viper is basically both characters doing their taunts at a different angle. I can’t wait to see Poison’s new taunts btw. I hope they include a colour editing mode like SFxT :slight_smile:

If they include a color edit mode, I will be pleasantly surprised. If said mode doesn’t include completely obnoxious color combinations, even more so.

I don’t expect one.