USF4 is no more competitive then Mario Party


there is a common misconception that fighting games (street fighter in particular) are mostly skill based and are the opposite of luck based games such as mario party, one of the more heavily luck based games out there.
but after an expended period of time, playing Street fighter 4 online, after 2 years I have finally come to a realization. that street fighter 4, down to the core, is heavily luck based. how many times in the game do you have to guess if someone is gonna throw you, or use an overhead? or in one of those many crossups where you had to guess which side your going to get hit from? being able to win a game at first is based on how good your combos are, and how good you are at performing special moves, but once you get pro level and those things are an afterthought, its roughly guessing all the time. there is no Reads, as everyone hear calls it, you cannot read your opponent unless you are all telepaths. the best you can do is make educated guesses, which are not all that reliable.

Mario party is similar in many ways. sure, mastering the fundamentals are far harder and takes more time in street fighter (which technically is a design flaw in street fighter) but actually winning a match is largely luck based

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Like, seriously, don’t try to talk about high level play or about how “luck based” or “easy” or “stupid” it can be if you aren’t even close to playing on a high level yourself.


Quick, someone from Tech Talk needs to make a PCB extension that will randomly short out inputs and cause controls to reverse randomly or change.

Imagine doing a Shoryuken with back, forward, down!


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To be honest, i was thinking of linking one of the “Luigi wins by doing nothing” videos and tell him to prove that you can win by sheer luck and doing nothing in USFIV. But i decided it wasn’t the best options.


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Killer Instinct is no more competitive than 4-Square.


You should try your luck in Tic-Tac-Toe.


Wait wait wait wait. A bad player just admits to being bad and that he needs to improve. It doesn’t blame telepathy or luck.

Sure, luck plays a very, very, very small part, but still, it is always based on the opponent errors in my opinion.


Pssh… mario party is 100% skill. Everyone knows you can time your input to roll specific numbers. The only reason MP isn’t a mainstay at EVO is because games take too long.