USF4 Juri BNB char list



thx to Metallicmike for the “JURI COMBOS: WHAT WORKS ON WHO?” this is updated topic for USF4

Mid Screen Full BnB Pinwheel Combo On Standing Characters

The syntax for the full combo is something like:

[Jump in Attack] xx mp xx LK Fuhajin release

Far MP AND CR MK xx HK Pusha works on :

Decapre,Ryu,Ken,Honda,Ibuki,Dudley,Gouken,Akuma,Dan,Oni,Juri,Chun li,Dhalsim,Cammy,Hakan,Rolento,Evil Ryu,Blanca,Zangief,El Fuerte,T Hawk,Hugo

Far MP xx HK Pusha works on :


CR MK xx HK Pusha works on :


Little Walk Far MP xx HK Pusha


And You Cant do anithing for Guile ! (i rocomande EX pusha or sweep)

sorry for my poor english

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