USF4 Juri: Day One



Ive had the new update for a couple hours now and was curious to see how everyone was enjoying it and how the changes are affecting your overall juri gameplay.

EX Pinwheels suction has proved to be quite awesome for chip in block strings, a lot more than i thought and lessening its usage on wake up hasnt proved too troublesome.

Right now tho my least favorite new match ups are Poison and Yun. Yuns pressure is back to being semi nuts and as far as ive tried you cant dive kick punish Poison’s fireballs.

Have not given UW a try yet but once i log some hours in the lab with FSE ill throw it in to see how well it fairs for me.

Looking forward to hearing everyone’s progress!

(Oh yea, and Bison is still a pain in the ass)


The changes I’ve been getting the most mileage out of so far are Cancel-able Far MP, Stand Jab and 4 Frame Stand LK. My stores aren’t whiffing, my combos and pressure aren’t getting cut short because of far mp coming out. She feels even scarier in the corner.

I’ve caught a couple of crouch techers with TK EX Divekick.

I got hit with T. Hawks UW. What’s funny is if it was just an unscaled U1, I would have died, but I ended up winning. Double Ultra is not that scary yet.

I also found out that pressing 3P + 3K will give you Red Focus. I find pressing lp + mp+ mk to be a little awkward. I think this is better for pad players too.


far mp is really, really good. it’s very difficult for me to use in hit confirm combos though since i have trouble cancelling standing moves into qcf/qcb. i’m always hitting down+mp instead of just mp. gonna take a while to break that habit and re-train. luckily, s.lp works just fine in the mean time, just not as good as

mid-screen and near full-screen ex dive (1 hit) to u2 works great, but you need to hit them at or above the waist, it seems…otherwise, they fly too far away and u2 whiffs. needs more testing to determine all the ranges.
ex dive (1 hit) looks safe from a 3f dp if you hit them at or below the waist. i wasn’t able to punish with reversal 3f dp if it was below waist. above waist is punishable.


I’m waiting a little longer to get ultra, but tested Juri in a Friends house and she’s amazing, I’m really happy to have character loyalty to Juri since Super and all of this payed off. I love to EX Divekick into Ultra, I love to suck people in with EX Pinwheel, she works great, top 10 character right now for sure.


Some things I noticed. EX Wheel sucks in people on hit too which means that in the corner after j.MP cl.HP people wont fly out of the corner anymore if you cancel it at the wrong timing.

EX Dive is actually something like +2 or +3 on block if you hit them around their lower legs or foots which is pretty ok.

It also feels like cr.MK has better recovery ? They buffed recovery and startup in previous builds and then said they changed the startup but I think they forgot about the recovery lol.
It doesn’t feel as slow on whiff as it does in AE 2012. Stealth buff ?


Well is now throwable before it becomes active…M ex fuhajin cna be beaten by throws as well…

And ex shikusen scales now? ugh…lame…


dat video on the main page… W Ultra granting her U2 usage while U1 is active is so crazy cool.


After spending some time in training today, i feel like she’s overall been nerfed in my opinion. Ex Dive kick into ultra 2 scales alot especially with UW something like ~360 damage. I have yet to find any unblockables for sure but fake crossup setups and whatnot seem to still work. In terms of the new characters I found that instant overhead setups work on all of them except poison. Ex divekick drops her. Rolanto also isnt fully juggled in the corner. NJ HP doesnt seem to work as well as the FJ/NJ HK especially when deep. Ex pinwheel suction seems to me like a sure way for her to get punished severely. I found that fs.MP is probably her best buff since it enables us to get new punishes i.e. Abel’s bike kick from max distance and bison max spacing kicks. It counters hits everytime. In terms of FSE, I did an unblockable J.HK setup on a rose and a hugo player and they got hit so maybe they didnt block right?.. Store into U2 works midscreen for everyone so thats nice. Ex divekick gives more juggle midscreen but its not as consistent. I only tested ~15 characters.
anyways, Im back to testing more stuff. I hope you guys are having fun!


I was trying store>U2 midscreen on Oni and it doesnt work. Even if I didnt cancel into store.


Oni and who else? I didnt try him. someone else tested it.


least ex sumo headbutt is so easily punishable now. Damn…so easy. Yeah…this MU is easily in Juri’s favor now. A joke if you will. Also when it is right for honda to use Early? late? Because even though it got buffed I feel like I’m stuffing it out easier with st.hp and cr.hp…albeit still trades at times…but not as much as before…


do you mean Honda jump ins?




hit me up with your gt, i want someone to online train to test new shit


I don’t have SF4 for xbox. Only ps3. Sorry bro.


Well that explains everything.


Riiiiight…I don’t recall asking you anything. Now shove off.


No one else noticed that her st.LP whiffs against low crouches like Cammy if it’s part of a combo? I’m so sad. It will hit them if you don’t combo into it. Makes no sense.

So far I’ve confirmed that on crouching Cammy and Ibuki.


Has anyone noticed while using ultra combo double, U2 takes more damage while in U1 than in her normal state?

I found it to be a little odd but it reminds me of A-groove in CvS2.


…I’ve been joking around with friends when I thought it’d be cool if we could use both FSE and Kaisen while in FSE… What have they done…

Also, doesn’t matter how low the timer is on FSE, Kaisen does the same damage throughout. T_T