USF4 Launch - Digital Upgrade vs Full Digital/Retail


Hey, guys. Sorry, I don’t know if there’s a better place in the forums to ask these questions. I’m kind of new around here…
I’m a little confused about the release dates and options for buying USF4 and I was hoping you guys could answer some questions.

  • Does the digital upgrade only apply to downloaded versions of AE, or will I be allowed to upgrade my hard copy?
  • Can I preorder the full retail through PSN? And if I preorder through PSN, will that come with an option to download the digital upgrade on June 3rd?
    I ask because I have a hard copy. I never bought any of the DLCs, so the full version would be a good value for me…But a two-month wait though? I want to play the game, but I’m not paying $15 for the digital upgrade and then coughing up $40 for all of the DLC.


The Digital upgrade can be applied to both digital and physical copies of SSF4 and AE.

If PSN will allow the full version of USF4 to be pre-ordered…but I’m sure it will be some time AFTER the digital upgrade is released.

If you don’t want to wait for the DLC…you can simply buy the DLC separate with the Digital upgrade.


I’m an idiot. I was thinking there were separate DLCs for SSFIV and SSFIVAE.
Anyways, thanks for the reply.
BTW, I found out you can preorder through the PSN. I did just now. The digital upgrade is listed under the DLC content for SSFIV and SSFIVAE.