USF4 new BGMs (What do you think of the added music?)


Personally I like the Cosmic Elevator stage and bgm and also the Character Select theme (Online version). Yes, there are two different themes for the character select screen! Offline version has more guitar riffs and a rock feel while the online version has more synthesizer riffs and a dubstep feel. Now if only Indestructible came back to USF4 as a Main Menu theme DLC… Even if its 15$ I’d buy it…


blast furnace bgm is fantastic. It gets me pumped up like the construction stage bgm


i like a lot of it. mostly stage bgm, but i legit think bees in my head is a banger and i kinda enjoy the piano in decapre’s theme.


I liked Halfpipe music from SFxT better.


i think cosmic elevator’s bgm is kinda cool