Usf4 novelty teams!


…alas, USF4 on PC is full of hiccups, torturing my flair for love of random competition…if you have never heard of me, here is a short intro…

…I’ve played street fighter since “II”…not Champion Edition, since the glitchy original Street Fighter 2…my love for the franchise WAS unlimited in my earlier years, but I fell off right at the rise of MvsC2 (which is THE BEST!!)…it took some time for me to grow interested in the series again, especially after hearing the horror stories of SFxT and MvsC3…but hey, my brain isn’t gonna exercise itself twiddling thumbs, so I got caught up on all the fighters I missed up to SF3rd Strike…this May, I bit the bullet and bought SSF4AE on PC (my replays are under the gamertag ‘blueshay11’, main is Blanka) since I found it on sale, though I already had minimal exposure to the game…I’ll admit that the engine to this brand of the series is unique, but failing in many ideas, especially with the numbers of characters available…there should be CRAZY team modes, which brings me to my post here today…

…using my imagination, racking my brain for a few hours, I thought up some random “teams” of 4, since the roster is 44, an equivalent to 11 teams…if any of you have ever played King of Fighters '99, then you have an idea of where I might take this…following is a list I made up, sharing it here for the feedback and the addition off more ideas, some stuff to get Capcom to stick their heads out of the ground before the shadow scares them again…I welcome all comments and suggestions, good and better…

  1. TEAM TEENIE HEADBOPPERS (Elena, Ibuki, Makoto, Sakura*)

  2. TEAM SHOTOS 'R US (Gouken, Ken, Dan, Ryu*)

  3. TEAM OG BOSS (Balrog, Vega, Sagat, M. Bison*)

  4. TEAM ASSASSIN’S CREED (Cammy, Gen, Juri, Akuma*)

  5. TEAM WWE (Hugo, El Fuerte, Hakan, Zangief*)

  6. TEAM EARTH WIND & FIRE (Fei Long, Yun, Yang, T. Hawk*)

  7. OF MIGHT AND MAGIC (C. Viper, Blanka, Dhalsim, Rose*)

  8. TEAM HANDYMEN (Abel, Rufus, Dudley, E. Honda*)

  9. TEAM KICKSTARTERS (Chun Li, Dee Jay, Adon, Guile*)

  10. TEAM SCARFACE (Decapre, Evil Ryu, Oni, Seth*)

  11. TEAM FINAL FIGHT (Cody, Poison, Rolento, Guy*)



Holy crap, the threads lately. Everyone is on happy pills.


…don’t worry, I didn’t take all of your prescription…