Does anyone know if it’s a port of another version or are they actually doing it ground up? Also is there a release date yet?


I’m using it as an excuse to ditch steam and get ready for V. I’d say they’d improve the graphics a wee bit, but it will be mostly a port. I read somewhere the release date is in April because of the release of the usf4 madcatz stick should be around the same time.


It’s a port, no way in hell would Capcom do something as expensive as that. It will probably look the same as the PC version at 1080P max settings (without the extra PC exclusive effect of course) It’s a port, so it probably won’t get any better than what i just said. I heard they’re giving all of the costumes up till now free (not sure about the summer and animal costumes though) as well, but i don’t really count that as a bonus, those costumes better be there, especially if they intend to once again sell a 2009 game. Would sound nice if i was actually intending to buy one of those shitty next gen systems. :stuck_out_tongue:
The PC version just got a net code update, feels much, much better.


The only thing that bothers me with this port, is there are a few upcoming tournaments that are said to be played on PS4 only, but we haven’t heard ANYTHING about the release yet. That seems like it is going to hurt a lot of people who want to compete in said tourneys. I’m sure it will need some adjustment to get everything perfect for the players.

Seems like a big mistake to not mention anything…


The graphics will probably end up being the same, albeit with more processing power (i.e. no more disc whirring when Dhalsim and Decapre do their U1s at the same time). Hopefully they’ll add in that little “fuck you” post KO hit from Vanilla again.


I’m waiting on it simply because my xbox live subscription has ended and I don’t plan on renewing if it’s no longer going to be the tournament standard system. 'Might as well get used to using ps plus to play online and practice on that system, etc.

They are taking their sweet time to reveal any information about it… as usual.


It’s ridiculous this is the platform for Evo and it’s almost April and not even a release date is known.


Perhaps Capcom is waiting for the fiscal year to end (March 31st) before committing to announcing the release date. shrug


Perhaps, but in the grand scheme of things, would it matter when they announce it?

We have a couple pretty big tournaments coming up that are supposed to be ran on PS4 (CEO and EVO…). Most people who want to participate in these will need to buy new sticks (yes, I know they have loaners, but not everyone wants to catch the FGC sickness) and want to test out the port to see if anything is different. It’s a pretty bad move to not give some of these people a heads up at the very least.


I have high hopes for the graphics level! I think they might try to max it out for sfV feasibility.


With such a niche, hardcore focused title, one that happens to be a re-release of a previous-gen game, they probably don’t deem it necessary to do any large marketing effort.

Aside from the release date, they’ve already announced everything they need to announce (such as having all DLC, including the new ones as well as Omega Mode).

I wouldn’t hold out for any sort of graphical enhancements aside from possibly 1080p with a steady 60fps framerate.


Well, nothing too special, but more shadows and particle effects will make me happy. 60f constant would be nice too. Didn’t ps3 have a decent frame rate anyways?


I think I found the release date:

It said here: May 26th


No motion controls?! What a ripoff!


Ha ha ha! Motion detectors will be used to measure salt in the future. KO! and feelings hurt!


you can cross play vs pc right?


I don’t think so.

That was only ever announced for SFV.

The PS camera will be used to detect shirt removal. Doing so automatically fills up your Ultra meter.


Kind of weird if that is the real release date because there has been no advertisement.


It also says Xbox One and as far as I know it only comes out on PS4.


I just hope the long ass loadings that I see on the ps3 version (after people selected their characters and it just freezes on the world map before the vs screen / when it has to save after a ranked battle / when it has to save when you go back to the main menu, etc) will be gone.