USF4: oni as a yang secondary?

you think it could work? with yang i mainly struggle with grapplers so as long as he can counter grapplers which i think he does but not sure

Oni does OK vs grapplers but his biggest downfall are his ground pokes, which have very large start ups and are quite telegraphed. That in turn leads to a lot of situations against good players where they will simply FADC SPD it. I think if you’re looking to combat grapplers you may be better off with Rose.

Youd be better off with sagat if your only goal is to counter grapplers. Or gouken.

Even sanford kelly switched to sagat to deal with native impacts T.hawk after he got blown up with his oni.


compared to this

you decide.

Oni loses to T. Hawk and Zangief, imo. He beats Hakan and Hugo, though.

As previous posters have mentioned, Sagat would be a better choice if you are purely wanting to counter grapplers. Or Poison, maybe.

If you have execution, be a real scumbag: Juri. She does much better than Sagat imo, but like I said you need the execution. Fireball alone won’t win you a game against good grapplers.