USF4 patch 1.06?

I just downloaded this. Anyone got patchnotes?

I want to know why it’s 2.4 gigs lol

Maybe it has to do with Capcom Fighters Network.

This was posted in a Facebook group.


DLC costumes.

So is this version still a piece of shit?

(don’t comment, it’s a rhetorical question)

Excellent. That Zero Lab driver caused a lot of trouble in a tournament we held two weeks ago. There was no way to make two Hori PS3 sticks work at the same time. One of the players then had to use a replacement stick we’ve provided and was thus put in an unfavorable position. We would have surely switched back to the 360 version for a new event next month had this not been resolved.

The stick fix is actually really nice. I’ve encountered that bug a few times at locals. (My area has basically completely converted over to using the PS4 version)

I’m curious about the numerous other bug fixes entry though. It’ll be interesting to see what has been tweaked.

Are the actual costumes out yet tho? I’m honestly willing to pay the $20 for the game if I can use Taker Gief, evil cartoon magician Rolento, and (hopefully) Bulls fan Rog.

Ok so the costumes are out, but I’m not seeing how to dl them for free since I played in the beta. They aren’t just automatically showing up for me to pick, nor is there a free option in the PS store.

I’ve heard reports that the giveaway was for Japan only.

they are in the ps store for 3.99 each pack. no option to buy them all at once.

There is

Oh, I didn’t have the option when I checked.

Ok whats the patchnotes for this one?!

Wow 2.4GB patch just for Audio Balance fixes. lol

Costumes free yet?

I heard it was only for Japan region.

Hi guys, I stil have this game on Xbox360. Do you know if the ps4 version, with this last patch 1.06 now is completely fixed? Is it the best console version now? If so, I would like to buy it, today it has a discount on PSN :slight_smile:
Another question: do you know if the Qanba Q4 Q4RAF joystick is supported by PS4 too?
I hope so…