USF4 PC Borderless Fullscreen (Program for Windows)

Hey guys I noticed on some of the streams people had to have a weird windowed setup to have their stream run.
I decided to make a simple C++ program to make USF4 in a borderless fullscreen

I made a program that gets rid of the title and menu bar for USF4.
It works on windows 7 at 1920x1080 resolution

You can download it here:!cEVVRSST!CVd8AhbA_qhAhPel2ErprigINf31Qw8aonZp68B5bMs
Please post below if the program asks that you need a .dll file or if it doesn’t work.

Updated it. download here:!kJ0SBYSD!Av58tvk8wGT5BsNnT08KuxnJDdhp9ltt_FizqKnHO-s

Picture of application:

Now supports any program and sort of like shiftwindow, can launch sf4.

Just make sure you have street fighter windowed at your max resolution, you can make street fighter windowed by pressing ALT+ENTER.

If it doesn’t run and has an error, likely you don’t have C++ runtime library. Download it here:

Why not just use Shiftwindow, works everytime and is easy to use (be sure to run it as admin). I even use it to automatically run borderless window on a 2nd monitor.

Updated it. download here:!kJ0SBYSD!Av58tvk8wGT5BsNnT08KuxnJDdhp9ltt_FizqKnHO-s

Now supports any program and unlike shiftwindow, can launch sf4.

I realize you will probably never see this, as this thread is old as fuck… but what file specifically is the “make borderless” editing? I know it’s simply moving the application window to align with your monitor space… but what file? Is it: C:\Users\User\Documents\CAPCOM\SUPERSTREETFIGHTERIV\config.ini ?
The program does it’s job, but every time I quit the game, it resets the app x/y, so I have to press that “make borderless” again. I’d like to just force whatever file it’s editing to be read-only, so the game will stop readjusting it.

It doesn’t actually edit any files, it manipulates Windows (the operating system not an actual window opened up in the operating system) to remove any menu items and such in a given window. It works with some other applications as well because of this. Since it doesn’t edit any files, you have to manually do it every time, I could program it to open street fighter and do everything automatically but I just wanted to quickly get this out for my own convenience. If you want I could PM you the source code, it is written in C++ and uses MFC.

Well. That’s interesting. Sure, PM me the stuff. I’m surprised you didn’t do what I said, but I’m sure the way you did it is far simpler.