USF4 | PC Custom Skin Thread

This thread is for the discussion and submission of skins/mods for Ultra Street Fighter 4. There is another thread for technical discussion (how to mod, new techniques, etc.; particular focus on gameplay/moveset modding).

As before, DLC unlocks/workarounds will NOT be discussed and no nudity will be tolerated (c’mon guys, this is a family forum) under penalty of banhammer.

Submissions posted in this thread will be copied to the USF4 Modding Wiki for better organization.

If there’s a vanilla mod you would like to see in Ultra, please don’t request for someone to convert it for you. Just do it yourself. It’s easy.

UPDATE: For beginners, this page will get you started on what files go where when applying mods.


UPDATE2: Please don’t quote images. It’s in the rules for the site and it muddies up the thread.

UPDATE3 (08/08/2014): Ultra-specific content starts on pg 290. Everything before that is AE.

Rob’s Sakura Mod Pack (02-10 colors)

It’s not my mod. just made it compatible with SSF4AE. credit go to Rob (is that his name?)

Thanks pal.

Posted this in the sf4 thread but I would love a mod that would change the start screen to the arcade one with Oni/Evil Ryu

Postin in epic thread that i will visit everyday after AE PC release :smiley:


I’ve always been a fan of customization & I’ve always been envious of the PC community & their ability to put their own spin on the game.

I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with.

Evil Sakura by me (some part from Rob’s mod)

I hope there is an option to turn custm skins off by default.
I can´t be assed to play people with a blanka alt3 on a regular basis.

Replace alternate 3 with something less agressive, ^problem solved!

Never thought of doing that, good idea.

In regards to mod compatibility, apparently the file structure is pretty much identical to Vanilla, any modders know what exactly needs to be changed?
I wish Capcom would actually support modders and let us put modded outfits in Alt 4/5/6/7 etc. slots

Thanks for those Romangelo! I added them to the wiki.

Very cool! Thanks for those links! It looks like morley has a really good understanding of the bcm files :smiley: I’ll copy his files over to the wiki as soon as I can.
Am I correct in thinking that last one restores the fireball dust effects to the regular SF4 style?
I’m glad to see your Puzzle Fighters are coming along nicely, too!

yes, just overwrite the 04 files with copies of the 01 files and you’ll never have to see those feathers again.

The big change with costumes and colors is that they don’t use the .emz bundles anymore. The component files are just floating around freely, which makes things easier on us. See the conversion tutorial linked in the first post for more information.

Requesting the following skins and mods:

  1. Pregnant Chun Li
  2. Pregnant Juri
  3. Pregnant Makoto
  4. Pregnant Cammy
  5. Pregnant Ibuki
  6. Post-OP Transexual Makoto

My gawd. Will never enter this thread again. :smiley:

rofl, I like the way you think, SuparNovax. What good is a skin thread without constant requests for pregnancy mods (especially when delivered in broken English)??

So are any of the alt costumes on the disc already? Were they on the console discs, for that matter?

Amazing Sakura mod by Abrikatin - I didnt make it, just converted it to ae for everyone.

EDIT: I saved all the files, is all we need are the single col.emb’s? I noticed above in the other converted sakura pack, its only col.emb files, and this one has more in the EMZ’s.

It’s likely that the obj file is unnecessary if the mod didn’t require any hex changes (alphatest, material swaps, etc.)–since the only thing changing would be the DDS texture–but it’s probably best to include them anyway (they’re only a few kilobytes).

Thanks for converting that pack, btw. It’s one of my favorites :smiley:

I believe all of the costumes will be on-disc but we’ll have to wait and see.

all of alt.costumes include the DLC (02 03 04 costumes) are in the game folders and very easy to swap it to 01 by renaming

np, happy to be able to give back at least a little. I’ll include the extra files just in case, lots of the high level mods are very specific.
Here is another one of my personal favs converted:

I think its very fitting for his style, hardcore and loud.
Credit: Farcryer
I only converted.