USF4 | PC Custom Skin Thread

time of the day changes I havent tried but I messed a lot with lua files and I have been able to add stuff frome other stages with animations. Its a real pain in the ass to work because it needs hex editing every single object u wont use.

If you miss one the stage crashes.

Hmmmm, sure does sound like a lot of work for something not guaranteed. Regardless, have you thought of experimenting with something like the idea I proposed maybe sometime in the future? I would love to try, but I suck at anything to do with cosmetic modding I’m much better at gameplay editing.

maybe when I start stage modding again and join brains with monkeygigabuster we will find something out :smiley:


fuck sfxt, usf4…bring it on!

Can someone make a boss mod for usf4 (like playing as shin akuma, shin oni etc) for offline? i tried doing moveswaps (replacing bac and bcm files) but the game freezes on vs screen. Also i’m not entirely sure which bac and bcm files belong to the boss versions so yea any help would be much appreciated

I didn’t know where else to bring this up, since I don’t actively visit these forums. As such, I apologize in advance if this violates any rules or is otherwise an inappropriate topic.

I just tried to open the moveset files with OnoEdit, and every character opens the way they should with three exceptions: Elena, Hugo, and Poison. Whenever their files are attempted to be opened, the program closes with an exception in which the index (whatever the argument is written by is something I don’t know) is out of bounds. Is there an updated tool that accounts for more characters or do we need to wait it out? Curiously, Rolento and Decapre’s files open just fine.

Ultra Street Fighter IV - Playstation Button mod

Google is your friend fo this.

Just merge the contained “patch_ae2” folder with the one in your “Super Street Fighter IV - Arcade Edition” folder
and say yes to replacing the 1 file it will replace.

Verify your cache in Steam to go back to x360 buttons.

Download it from here

Ultra Street Fighter IV - Title Screen mod

Just merge the contained “dlc” folder with the one in your “Super Street Fighter IV - Arcade Edition” folder
and say yes to replacing the 1 file it will replace.

Verify your cache in Steam to go back to the regular title screen.

Download it from here


Anyone ever think of making anime Voice mods for the characters who also voice in animes? (Adult Gohan mod for Ryu. Rukia for Viper, Mustang for Guile, etc etc)

They started crypto-signing the moveset files, but I think anotak and dantarion are on top of it, so just sit tight until they release something. They presumably have the Poison/Hugo/Elena thing covered, as well. FAKEDIT: try this one from razor5070:

Can someone make a 3S color pack for Hugo? His colors are boring as shit.

Does anybody have Juri bac and bcm files for the ultra set moves its located in ae2 folder?

How would I mod indestructible into the main bgm theme?

will do it for ya

How do I mod the main theme and character select theme now in USF4? I have the files but I don’t know where to put them.

there you go @MrWizard

they are in SteamApps\common\Super Street Fighter IV - Arcade Edition\dlc\04_ae2\ui\sound\bgm

How do you guys take screenshots from the pc version? I have the retail version and I can’t find the key for it.

@hunterk Thank you very much. I like to look deeply in the moveset properties, so whether they are crypto-signed or not isn’t a concern for me at the moment.

EDIT: It seems to have the same issue. Regardless, as long as they’re on it, I have nothing to worry about.

Thanks. I tried to put it for character select too, but when i play online multiplayer, nothing plays until stage select. You have any idea how to fix that?