USF4 | PC Custom Skin Thread

i want the ken version !!! asap

Hey is it possible to get just the Vanilla sounding block hits without anything else changed?

I love this mod very much . All Dj’s clothes i don’t love,this like ryu and ken,great.
Is that ten Colors?

I can’t wait for this mod.

I can do 10 colors. do you want?

Might be close to what you’re after, it’ll change a projectile hit sound too, but I can’t really remember how the other sounded.

I prefer it a lot on block for sure.

Yeah thats the one I’ve seen, I don’t want my projectile hit sound to change though : (


I would really, really love to have some kind of script like that, but code based stuff isn’t my area :<

Do wonder if it’s possible though.

Adon Sweatsuit

Someone asked for a Sagat Alt 3 Skin…so I was like "what the heck it’s my least favourite costume let me give it a go."
This is what I got. Sagat Buddha be Praised!!!
Download link :-

Guy mod strider hiryu update, still working on it doe. I fix the bitmaps and color thanks sloth and augh]

DO you guys think he is looking more like his papa]

Maybe use a spoiler tag for all but a couple of the images when there’s so many ;D

Having been playing with skinning can get a lot more of an idea how much work is going into that, good job man. Maybe work up the texture a little on the belt?

Looking good, mugenlove100! He’s not so shiny anymore :smiley:


no, it must’ve just slipped through the cracks. If you repost the links, I’ll add it.


I also like the color only mods myself, since they are compatible with others you can mix and match them.

The only reason I couldn’t play on that stage would be having this stuck in my head, and being paralysed with laughter;

It’s cool though, I think I remember the original posting. I can just imagine a 3d with animated crowd.

Thats intense!!
-Augh, did you ever release your text mod? The one where you have a special font for the score and PP/BP yet?