USF4 PS3 - New Game, No Save Data, Can't Start the Game!


This is funny and sad all at the same time. I have the most recent ps3 firmware for a ps3 slim, brand new physical retail release of USFIV. Game prompts me to update to 1.09 right away which I do, then prompts me to create a save data because none exists. Doesn’t matter if I choose yes or no to create data, the next screen asks if I am sure that I want to play without creating save data. Again doesn’t matter if I choose yes or no. I’m stuck in these two prompts in an infinite loop!

Am I the only person this has ever happened to? I see no mention via searching :frowning:

I think what I will have to do is create a save file using an older release of SFIV or maybe just downloading a save file off the intrawebs (never tried that before).


Actually this is funny, because my Street Fighter won’t start too. I have Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition upgraded to Ultra, and this morning it’s stuck at a black screen. I deleted the game data, but that didn’t do anything.

EDIT: I just reset my PS3, and it still doesn’t work. My other games work for some reason, but not this.


Way to blow crapcom :wink:


We can’t be the only people experiencing this though. Man, I don’t know anymore


Procured a sfxt and played a ranked match to make a new sfxt save file. After that usf4 seems to have been able to make a new save file on its own and registered the bonus costumes. Way too much headache to play a game that should have worked on its own!!


I just bought it for the 360 lol. I was planning to get it, but this made it for sure. I didn’t download ultra for the PS3, but it may have something to do with it. Meh


PS3 problems? Speak with Chris G.


Capcom should really take the PC version of USF IV & port it onto PS4.