USF4 Remix 1.2 IS OUT NOW (JAN 07 2016)
USF4 Remix is a mod for the PC version of USF4 with gameplay heavily influenced by games like breaker’s revenge, vsav, kof, and the marvel series. The game is free, you just need a legal copy of USF4 on steam.

after 5 years of very hard work, 1.2 is out now!

or here

thank you so much for the support everybody, i hope anyone who plays it enjoys it

there’s more vids on my channel ( )

For movelists etc. please look through our wiki, or the included PDF. there are ingame movelists, but because of technical limitations they might miss important details.

you can play online against other people who have the mod too. i don’t recommend going on ranked or whatever because you will get paired against people who are trying play the regular game and it’ll just desync

thanks for playing and have fun!

note to moderators: i posted this here instead of the SF4 subforum because this is meant to play like its own game not SF4. I did not feel this would be appropriate to use that subforum because the SF4 players probably like SF4 and are not interested in a mod like this.

edit: new steam group:

this mod cured my ass cancer

Looks fucking awesome, great work.

I immediately regret not getting SFIV PC when it was on sale.

Any feedback outside of “Guy is broke, OK. Fix him” is very welcome. It’s really limited what we can do in practice mode or in lagmatches vs each other to test every single character in AE.

Anotak’s been pretty cool with bringing it to tournaments and local casuals, but we wish to have as many different kinds of players getting mad at sakura’s constant talking so we can actually put out a finished thing that isn’t a broken crapfest.

When you whiff Honda’s EX Fatty Squasher, he continues to glow yellow for awhile. Also what’s the input for Fatty Fly? There’s a whole lot of inconsistencies with the movelist on the wiki and the FR Remix.

How do I get the changed HUD? It’s not showing up for me.

whoops, i should make that clear. we have those in a separate file just because of filesize for some people and we don’t update them every version.
also one or two people said they just want to play with the regular bars despite there being no ultras

It’s the same as on the wiki, DP+P.
And yes, there are inconsistensies but that’s mostly because characters tend to change a lot between versions.

Am enjoying Cammy too much in this game.

Also, the AI takes to Viper too well and pulls off shit that looks hella impressive.

Oni has an infinite. [cr.HP, st.MP+HP, IADj.MK/j.HP/anything that will connect.] Well, it works from the LP+MP command normal too.

edit: Oh, and some glitch that locks controls out unless you super cancel that involves, I think, backdashing, doing like a LP and inputting a special move before the LP finishes. Was able to reproduce it consistently at one point, but don’t actually know what I did and can’t do it again.

thanks for the bug/infinite report we’ll get on it

Is Viper being able to do another Seismo supposed to happen when I hold up after I do the first Seimso?

I… I know this feeling!

I’ve felt this before!!


It is. I’m lowering the juggle potential on it by half, though. It’s meant to cancel into itself

I’m I reading the movelist right? Chun no longer has legs?

Who cares, she has back+HP.

On a related note, her back+HP hitbox needs to be bigger and her vulnerable hitbox during the move made smaller.

If I had SSF4 I would install this right away.

Tried it and nope, still can’t have fun with SF4.

if i can get access to a pc version of sf4 soon i might try this out. looks fun if i could get ppl to play.

wish there was a kof style 3v3 char mode for this but that seems hard to implement.