USF4 Rules


I may of missed a thread or a post on the main site but I haven’t seen it.

As we all know recently a vid came up saying you can pick a character from previous versions of SF4 series which would be a big game changer. However I haven’t heard from the Evo reprosentitives themselves if they are actually going to allow this or not allow this. Until I hear otherwise I’m assuming they are as it’s part of the game but I’m surprised they haven’t said anything yet regarding this or have I missed something?

I would think it should be discussed on the main news page as it’s quite a serious question.


I would think they would stick with the Ultra version.


The “edition select” is a fun mode that is available for players just like Heroes and Heralds in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3.
Evo 2014 will be using versus mode, as the rules state, with the mode in the off position, so that players can focus on Ultra characters and moves.


ah I see I didn’t realise select edition was not part of the vs mode. Thanks for clearing that up that’s good to know.


Really? I could’ve sworn at the last few tourneys that the edition select was there in versus mode, also, weren’t people allowed to choose which version they wanted to in the hyper sf2 tourney awhile back?


There is a toggle in the vs menu. It will be in the off position for Evo.


There’s a big difference between Hyper Street Fighter 2 and Ultra Street Fighter 4.

Hyper had all versions of a character universally available. Mean, it was available in the console version as well as the arcade version. Thus everyone could practice for this, without going to a home console to try out different editions.

Ultra Street Fighter 4 has this option available on console only. Arcade players are left out. As such, it’s not viable at all to run this.