USF4: Ryu vs the new cast ie Hugo, Rolento, Elena, Decapre, Poison



so im making this thread specifically to fight the new people. you pretty much got the general idea on how to find the general cast, despite the little changes here and there. since its damn near the same game since ae 2012.

so im making how to fight the new ones with Ryu. Since i don’t see much data here. ive been a ryu main in the competive seen since sf4 (vanilla) so i may not be daigo, i know a good amount of ryu. ill start the thread. and hey if my wrong for doing this, ill take this down. no hard feelings. without further-ado. u. here i go.

also im down for criticism or advice. feel free to tell me anything or correct.

Ultra sf4 ryu (minor changes):DONT DP FADC SPAM. ITS SUCKS. dp back dash is good, espcially when you want to bait them out for whatever your thinking. also i find ex dp fadc into whatever kinda useless. just means alot of meter and not much results. id much rather save it for a super (shinku hadouken). since its so fast and so good for punishing just about about anything. his jump mp into tastu or ex tatsu: again flashy but still useless. if your going to catch them with any kind of jump mp, do either super, ultra, or just mp dp and save that meter! trust me itll come in handy later.

Red focus: sadly ryu doesnt really have a bread and butter red focus combo like yun or c viper. sure maybe fireball RF into something but, still flashy but not really worth it. unless you wanna just style on your opponent, i wouldnt use it. ryu doesn’t really have a reset like most of the cast. hes plain footies and basics of street fighter to the max. if i find something good with red focus, ill update this. until then. its just flashy or shenanigans.


: in this matchup. hugos weakness is fireballs. dont be afraid to to throw them but not mid screen, full screen and distance like that is your best bet.
ultra 2 is also good beacuse hes so big and you kinda catch him when he jumps in. also most hugos will try to beat your crouch attacks with his big med kick sweep. its fast and has good priority also, hugo will try and walk you to the corner, mainly because they know about anti air back breakers and ultra 2 since its a anit air. careful how you jump in. also stand up after your knock down because they will use stand hard elbow, has armor and its almost a free overhead. test your jump in but best if you have the life lead.

as hugo theyll try the following.
Tactics: Fireball Avoiding:Down,Down,MK -Hops over Ryu Fireball also Back+HP Standing Elbow Focus absorb.

Punishes: Shoryuken: All shoryuken are punishable by ShootDown Backbreaker on Block. Light Shoryuken punishable by S./C,Light Kick xx Clap Combo

Rolento one thing about this match up. crouch med punch is your best freind against this guy. Rolento is a very tricky character, since he has so many moves that are bonkers. so really he can be very hard to read. His rolls go threw fireballs, but if you block standing, you can punish with sweep or ex fireball etc. really fireballs and your ground game is your best bet. his knifes arent as good as your fireballs, since he has to neutrel jump to them.

whats going to be your biggest problem is his pogo stance. they most likely go for it after they get a hard knock down on your, so its just a guessing game. your better off blocking the pogo into whatever, or waiting to see what they do. but i wouldn’t recommend tech grabbing, since thats in rolentos advantage.





I’m pretty sure this is supposed to just go into the match up thread, but since its here…

I did a quick elena write up, I’ll spoiler it so it doesn’t take up so much space.


Optimal range, outside her cr. forward range. Watch your toes, she can still sweep you. This is super reaction heavy match up.

  1. Her slide doesn’t seem to instantly go under Hadoken’s so its not impossible to zone in the match up.

  2. Her jump is ass and her jump normals are slow, DP or A2A her, don’t use ground normals, she beats them clean most of the time.

  3. It’s hard for her to AA you at cross up range, you can try a jump in there but she can slide escape or dash under you. Her EX DP is really good at auto correcting so be aware of her meter.

  4. Her overhead is something you can react to. The problem comes when she mixes up EX (low kicks) with her EX (overhead), the high low is something you can’t react to. If she has one meter, guard your toes as she can’t ultra combo you after the overhead but she can ultra you after the low EX.

  5. DP is your friend, once she is in she will press buttons like her life depends on it, mash dp plz… Once you get her to slow down, you can compete with her in footsies. If you don’t discourage her buttons, she’ll maw you, period…

  6. She seems super positive on a bunch of her specials, but she isn’t, you can punish most of her stuff and you can jab or strong her out of a lot of her pressure.

  7. Her damage is low without meter or ultra. Get your damage in first and try to force her to use her meters to get in as opposed to using it in her combos.

  8. Don’t let her touch you, she wants to play guilty gear with you and put you into block stun so she can mix you up. Use back dash for air resets up backs for escapes and in general, do like guile and walk back. Figure out how to trick the player so you can switch sides often, you’ll be back pedaling most of the match.

  9. If you establish a fireball game, keep in mind that she has a sideways style EX that goes through your fireballs. I’d rather her use her meter on that move than on mixing me up or comboing into ultra. If you’re in the corner, I think it combos into ultra regardless…

  10. She has a safe and unsafe overhead command normal. Her far reaching one where her foot is angled is unsafe, the slower one where her foot is straight is the safe one. Practice punishing the unsafe one.

  11. Healing users have to set it up, stock an ex for a hadoken punish. If they do a very stupid heal, be aware that good players use it as a bait to instant cancel and counter your punish.

  12. In the fight, it’s not really footsies where X normal beats X. You’ll be doing hadokens out of her range and sweep punishing her wiffs. You’ll have to know how to play (in) with ryu. If you don’t have the balls to be in someone zone, you won’t do enough damage to win.

At the end of the day, Elena has decent normals, but low damage and a tolerable mixup. She’s a meter whore, don’t let her touch your block as that is her main method of building meter. She can spam her light low special, but I think she is risking more than she is gaining. Elena with some meter can go head to head with Ryu, the match is 5-5 right there. If Elena gets 50% meter or more, the match start going in her favor as she can keep you out with dp and still have meter to mix you up on wake up. She can also blow up your fireball game and still have meter to ultra combo you. W ultra for her forces you to keep at uncomfortable distances because going full screen will let her heal more than you can punish free. The match starts in Ryu’s favor and depending on the meter management, the fight can go either way. Keep in mind, you are losing if she has a lot of meter, even if you’re winning.

This is all I can remember from my 5~6 hour session with my brother. He hates Elena, but wants her as one of his mains. He thinks she sucks…
5.5-4.5 Elena’s favor because she’ll always eventually get meter…

As for Elena’s dp sucking, it has no inv unless it’s EX and it doesn’t knockdown on early hits so at a distance it will leave you standing so you can get a full punish. Basically, she can’t use it to discourage long pokes… One the plus side, I believe you can’t safe jump it easily, my guess is her EX dp is start up of 4…


here’s a thread where the players complain about her faults, you can get a deep understand of what you can take advantage of from this thread: Why do I keep seeing people here saying Elena is bad?

Rolento is pretty weak.
There is almost no reason to crouch against him besides his sweep. If you ever block it, fadc some shit and punish him hard…

Most of his mixups involve rejumps, but but he lacks the air control of guy. Most of the time, a dp will shut down his aggression. He has two pogo moves that are pretty simple to deal with. In the air, he can bounce off of it. Just push a button and you’ll stuff him. On the ground he can hop on his stick, but he can only combo on counter hit. People use it as a crouch tech blow up, but it has potential to counter hit you crouching forward and crouching roundhouse. If he hits you (non counter) he is positive so block or take the risk of dp, but you ain’t poking or throwing him out of anything…

He can and can’t out footsie you. The problem with ryu in most of his match ups is his long range option being the hadoken. In this match up, rolento’s pokes give him the same problem hadoken gives ryu. In other words, the first person to guess right does 400 damage while only risking around 50 life. Ryu gets a boost to his AA with ultra 2 or dp to ultra 1 while rolento gets ultra 2 to punish fireballs. So the ends of matches get very turtle-ish… Back to the out footsie you stuffs… It’s pretty simple, his pokes reach farther than yours and crouch strong counter poke is a toss up, so you two will be guessing he will do a long slow poke or you will do a hadoken. Anytime you can hit his block with anynormal, consider that as in… You can bully rolento to the corner with crouch forward, if you can get it to reach him. Until he jumps of course…

Rolento should never roll on your block, if he does its an auto sweep punish.

What makes rolento weak is his wake up. The only thing he can do is escape and all of his escapes get bodied… He has a single backflip like vega, but it gets punished just as easily. He has a jump to the wall escape like vega which can get A2A’d Ultra’d or rejumped on reaction… To A2A, just attack the second he touches the wall, he’ll lose inv and get stuffed if he attacks. To ultra 1, perform it when he kicks off the wall (works best when wall is farther away. To rejump (best when he tries to escape the corner) jump as soon as he crosses you up and attack with jump fierce when he lands…

Rolento can roll back and jump towards you if you fireball him. its not that good, you can hit him out of the jump with the strong and fierce fireball if he tries to do it on reaction (xbox live reaction speed?). Fireballs aren’t the safest option, but rolento can’t just throw out punishes. His backflip into roll can get hit by fireballs if not timed right. His ex version will get blocked at around half screen, maybe closer.

In a lot of matches, ex hadoken is a great footsie tool. since rolento will be trying to stay at a range to stuff your fireballs with his fierce, you may want to give red focus a shot. I’m not sure how to use it yet myself, but I’ve had a couple big payoffs crumpling rekka pressure and non cancellable pokes. I have been wrekt by cancellable pokes into his roll back jump fierce, apparently thats his focus breaker…

Also, regular focus isn’t the best idea, rolento hits too many times…

The other three another time…


wow thank you so much. i got lazy and was going to get to it later. thanks!