USF4 Side Tournament @ Evo 2017


Sup world warriors
I am coming from Ontario, Canada to Evo this year and was hoping that there would be some people wanting to play USF4. I have asked around a little bit on social media and have had some players reach out to me and let me know they will be attending this year as well and would be hyped to play some USF4 too.

The only problem is, it is kind of difficult to bring a setup on the plane. I am fairly certain there is no way to rent setups at the event itself. Is there anyone who would be able to help make this a possibility?


I would clown on this being posted here but its a fucking sorry situation when we got 2 smash games in Evo and mans are having to set up side tournaments for a street fighter game.


There are still two smash games?

Never change evo -_-


It’d be best if you rrmake this thread in FGD.