USF4 - Some experienced players to help? footsie's, neutral game


Hey, I used to play on pc a bit, got my pp to around 2.1K so I know some fundamentals, combo’s etc (though my execution can be off sometimes) but I would love some help with footsie’s, spacing and my neutral game as someone pointed out over a message the other day. Sometimes in fights I end up winging an ultra after a low forward and I don’t want to be winning or loosing on chance like that.

Any help or matches would be appreciated, it’d be cool to talk too. As training online is now available it would be good to make use of it :wink:

My GT is - iPhynX

Gimme a message if you add me off of here

Edit - I play balrog, dudley and yun as to me they are the most fun. A little ken too :slight_smile: