USF4 Sound Lag


Hey guys, so I just upgraded SSF4 to USF4 on my PS3 and there is something that’s bugging me- the gameplay appears to be ahead of the actual sound, throwing my combos off. The sound lag is about second off, and I can’t seem to get rid of it. I tried restarting my ps3, which didn’t work, and I can’t seem to switch back into arcade mode. Some help would be nice, as this is throwing my game off completely! Thanks a bunch.


Can you describe your setup in detail? It would be helpful to know what your PS3 is connected to and how (e.g. “PS3 -> Denon X1000 Receiver -> Sony KDL-55W802A display all via HDMI”). Has anything changed in your setup since last time you played SSF4 on your PS3?


Well I did change tv’s recently, granted the sound lag is only for USF4 leading me to believe it’s not the TV. It’s connected with red white yellow cables as well as a hdmi i believe. I bought my PS3 in 2010, but I’m not sure what the specs are. I do know that it’s larger than the current ps3 models.


Is there a reason you have both HDMI and composite connected? Have you tried it with HDMI only?

What’s the model of TV? Is the PS3 connected directly to the TV?


It’s a 21" samsung LCD tv that i got a while back- maybe 2010. The ps3 is directly connected to the TV. I just took the RWY cables out, turned out they did nothing haha. Anyway, the sound is still the same, and I’m pretty sure it’s USF4 itself. I played skull girls and there is no lag whatsoever.


USF4 is weird. On my ps3 it used to lag even on offline games during character victory scenes. The sound would also sound very low at times. I play on xbox now, where for me, usf4 plays more solid.