USF4 | Stream Commentary Thread Ixion_90 just ran throufg Taaha’s Abel with Dan. That match-up looks horrible for Abel.

Why does the cody player always lose 3-2 grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Naruo still undefeated.

When is it going to continue?

I’m pretty sure the league matches end this weekend and they have yet to schedule the round 2 games. (round 2 is that weird format where the last guy has to fight the guy above him till the top). I believe then tokido and bonchan face the first 2 places for up and down matches.

Hopefully your question was about topanga lol

Heh, I meant CEO.

It’s on. I’m really happy Rico suave is back.

Momochi playing Akuma :frowning:

FTFY. Momochi Akumaaaaaaa


Number of fucks given by Bala= 0

Cody <3

Shoutouts to Bala playing KOF in Super Street Fighter 4.

Wait… Is Mike Ross fighting against Mike Ross?

Good start, Abel and Honda, my mains…

Let’s go, Mike. I hope him and Rico Suave goes far.

mike the human ross

The best of day 1, by far

rico looks terrified to play footsies with momochi. walking/up back himself out of mid range every chance he gets

Abel-Cody 6-4, Cody is free on wakeup

only if you use the mk or konami code.

both of which disable blocking