USF4 Tier List Thread (updated October 2015)


I really really really really wish Elena was bottom 5, but alas that’s not the case.


Welp we’ll see what Justin does with her. Is it a good character or is it iron fist part 2?

I get the idea that she is supposed to be all neutral w/overheads and lows and focus. She should basically never jump at all, and her damage combos and specials outside of ex mallet and combo ender dps are all a bonus


justin can make anyone look good. he could place in majors with deejay if he wanted to. being above average at neutral is great, but why bother if there are characters that are either better at it (chun, rose) or simply invalidate that approach (yun, viper)?

i’m really interested to see how he does at evo vs. people who are used to her spacing and know how to punish her normals/specials properly. you can’t win a major with 50 damage overheads and no scary low option.


I dunno. Maybe you’re right. That’s why I’m saying wait and see.

Kazunoko makes her look really good too for what its worth


wasn’t that all pre-console? she got quite a few nerfs since arcade release.


Im just surprised I haven’t ran into an army of Decapres, E. Ryu’s, Yuns yet. Still same old Ryu picks lol


ive seen alot of yuns and evil ryus although most of the evil ryus i fought were being played like ryu


It was. I’m pretty sure almost all of the jpn players that mained her pre console are dropping her.


So Elena has a 4f CR LK, which is +3 on hit? lol. And it is not chainable, wow. Her CR LP is a 3f move.
Also her frame data tells me that she looks quite unsafe tbh.

I should have looked into the frame data first and also some training mode practice, before playing against her.


Is Rufus/Blanka still horrible for rufus?


Yup her most basic BnB consists of two 1 frame links, one of which is an unplinkable jab link. Elena’s adv right now is that many don’t know what’s safe and what’s not against her, and when to look out for EX mallet. when they realize that literally everything she does is unsafe and punishable, including most of her normals and that her EX mallet is pretty easily telegraphed due to her terrible low game,(you honestly dont really have to watch for lows against her at all) she’ll be blown up pretty free.


Hugo is numbah wun


can still unblockable rufus, but not all of the unblockables work still.

Blanka still wins neutral IMO. They both do more damage.


How is Elena’s b. hk? is it safe on block? In 3s it particularly useful for baiting throws and going over lows if timed right. I figured this would be made into a useful tool just like in 3s.

#63 (round arch) goes over lows pretty reliably. shoto whiffs entirely under it and gets hit. presumably (haven’t tested) you can combo on counterhit since it’s usually +1 on hit, plus you’re airborne for most frames. 0 on block.

problem is that you have to be reallllllly close to hit with it, and it starts slow (13f). it actually has a great hitbox, but sf4 isn’t like 3s; everyone’s always mashing jabs fishing for damage. seems like a good way to beat slower crouch techs at least.


It’s because people don’t know she’s actually unsafe on most of her offense that people think she’s good.


In 3S her b+HK was airborne on like frame 1 so she could kill throw games easily with it. I’m sure they figured that would be cheap in this game.


Sounds like 3rd Strike all over again.


I hate Elenaa because people just do the fucking dash dances all day like they’re playing Makoto and shit. Like wtf, no one wants to see that.


Elena was better against divekick offense in 3s than Chun. Back roundhouse seriously shut down a lot of divekick angles or post divekick options. is that intact with her at all in ultra?