USF4 Tier List Thread (updated October 2015)


The following are my inital impressions and are probably way off just like everyone elses, but here goes…

Balrog is mostly the same FWIW. If the meta is more footsie based like capcom wanted he should improve slightly in the tiers, but I have a feeling it won’t be they way capcom intended. He still has no mixups and is totally free on wakeup to guys like Akuma.

I think Elena sucks. Her best attribute is her wonky hitbox.

Hugo has some crazy lopsided matchups right now imo, I know grapplers often do but this guy takes it to the extreme. Some matchups he gets totally kept out, and others he can do no wrong.

Poison and Rolento seem like decent mid-tier characters but I don’t know a ton about them yet. Not really sure how Poison will end up being played, she doesn’t have an obvious niche imo. Kind of reminds me of Gouken.

Decapre seems pretty good but I have no idea how her matchups will be. Her mixups are good, her ultras are good, normals are fine, seeing as they’re mostly cammy’s. A lot of people still aren’t playing her right and doing a lot of unsafe stuff, her jab hands move seems good and she has air mobility which is always nice. I have no idea if her reversal is legit or if it’s easily stuffable like Flash Kick.

Cammy is still good, not top 3 good, but still relevant. Low short nerf not as bad as I thought, but DWU hurts her. She won’t get nearly as many dizzys anymore.

Fei and Akuma are still amazing.

E.Ryu was already really good and I think he’s even better now.

Gief seems better, the greenhand buffs are very useful and RFC will be a big part of his gameplan. The nerf is minor, it’s still an amazing button. Not sure if people will play W-ultra with him but it’s a good option to have nonetheless.

Guy’s pressure is improved, I’m judging this mostly of what I saw on WNF and NLBC. I think he’ll be a tournament contender now.

Dee Jay needs a gun. He is ass.

T.hawk is better but I’m not sure where he’ll end up in the tiers. Grapplers are so matchup reliant so I can’t predict.

Sim is mostly the same, although he does have better punish combos so he gets a little more damage. Still going to be free to certain rushdown characters but DWU will help him. Still low-tier.

I really have no idea about Ken and Ryu, they seem mostly the same from the matches I played.

I think Makoto and Juri are both really good and we’ll see them contend in tournaments once people catch on. Right now there aren’t a lot of good players with these two characters.

Sakura will (still) be top 10, the tatsu nerfs she got don’t really affect her much but her far s.hp being cancellable is a big addition. Her stun is lower though so she won’t be able to just explode with a few bars like she could in 2012. Seems capcom wanted to get rid of all the easy stuns we were seeing in the last game, too bad they gave everyone new opportunities with RFC.

Yun seems really good just like everyone else seems to think. Not sure about Yang yet.

Honda ex HHS changes are nice, makes for some easier big damage combos, but the headbutt changes are awful. Low tier again I would guess.


Rolento is garbage in the console release. He has some okay normals but gets rushed down for free.

-He has no wakeup move at all. They took out the invincibility on his ex backroll and ex patriot circle. PPP has no range, easy to see and punish. ex mekong delta escape would be a great reversal but keep reading.

-mekong delta escape is useless. You can barely control where he hands and he’ll always land within your opponents distance. It is called mekong delta ** escape ** yet he is launching himself back into enemy territory. You can’t even play a runaway game anymore because this move is so useless.

-he has slow movement, crappy dashes, mediocre damage. No reversal wouldn’t be the end of the world but he can’t even weave in and out of opponents attack range. Walk speed, back rolls are super slow. Same with his dashes and they cover no distance. His damage mainly comes from patriot circle combos but since its multi hit, it gets scaled down quickly should you go for fadcs.

-deceptive normals. Standing mp was a great anti air but they chopped the active frames in half. Now he doesn’t have an anti air which doesn’t trade. His jumping hp active frames got slashed in half too making it whiff despite the animation. is also extremely unsafe on block. The first quarter of his pipe on his c.hp has no hitbox.

In a nutshell he has no reversal, has no mobility nor his signature runaway game, doesn’t have the damage and fraudulent specials and normals.


Her stun was untouched. If ANYTHING her stun was BUFFED.

That’s her change list.

Because her far HP is now bufferable and it does 200 stun she actually can do higher stun damage combos from mid screen than before with crMK if she chooses to use far HP (it IS an 8F normal). Also it means that she can do her fireball setup and then hit with farHP instead of crMK (since she spaces it to be meaty she is + enough on hit to combo to far HP) and buffer it to Shouoken.


For some reason I thought they nerfed it, maybe they did in the arcade one but reverted it? Idk thanks for the correction though.


Nope. Sakura, Viper, and Ibuki have basically been riding the gravy train to buff city since day 1. Very minor nerfs given how strong they already are while also getting noticeably useful buffs like far HP / viper’s crMK / Ibuki’s walk speed and free juggle state TCs


call me crazy, but i think fei long is better in this version than he was before


His damage is really good, but the -5 Rekka nerf seems pretty big.
Stuff like DP fadc chicken wing 3 hits > Ultra 3 hits are pretty good tho.


-5 isnt big at all. spaced its still unpunishable. and its easier to space into a -4 rekka with the new range.

he now has universal 2 frame combos on crouching characters. better crouch tech into combo. he has rufus style confirms into close fierce which combos into rekkas for 240. he has command grab into ultra with RF and hit confirm lights into ultra. chicken wing close fierce ultra, etc

they buffed his close range game in a major way, and gave him combos into ultra. all for a rekka that you have to space and still isnt going to get punished. and like you said dp fadc CW ultra hurts now too.

yeah, he seems better and more interesting


The crLK - crLK - sHP is supposedly character specific and doesn’t work on everyone like Rufus’ sLK - sLK - sHP :frowning:


Now that I’ve really been able to sink my teeth into it…Makoto with a bar or two stocked is the most dangerous character in the game. New EX Fukiage gives her a mini vortex that you have no tools to (safely) escape from, and you’re stunned on the second go round or a jab away from it.

Bitches best recognize. Nothing beats Rindou Kan karate.


SpabRog and Moons said the same thing on twitter. Some nice stuff, but looks bad, when he they rush him down.

Something random:His Trick Rod had 8f startup in SF X T, in USF4 it has 17f startup, so some sort of a normalized startup for overheads in SF4.


@Oilforthewin Whats up with you and the Big Pappa Pump avatars? Im curious what made you chose to go with that theme lol


its not from what I’ve seen. You do have to get point blank close with a jump in on characters with bigger push boxes tho.


No idea, but he is/was always very funny, even when he never intended to be funny lol. Most insane guy ever.

It looks like that his walk speed is the same like in SF X T[*].
His backdash is the also the same[8 Invincible, 10 Airborn, 9 Recovery (27 total)], can´t say much about his backdash distance(0.82328), but his forward dash has 18f duration(In SF X T it is 21).

Forward Walk Distance per Frame :0.035
Backward Walk Distance per Frame :0.03

Forward Walk Distance per Frame :35
Backward Walk Distance per Frame :30

Jump Duration in Frames: 36 in USF4, in SF X T 35.

I mean, here is the frame data, just look:


Makes no difference. Shit mobility is shit mobility. He had a shit dash and walk speed in sfxt also.


At the gym I go to there’s a picture of him from when he visited that gym for…some reason I’m not sure of. Sad I wasn’t there when he was though.


Kinda surprised that he is known here lol.

I wonder, if he knows that Cammy and Decapre copied a move from him(The backthrow for both and Cammy´s Fatal Leg Twister). He hates it, when people don´t call it Frankensteiner.

Hugo has 8 prejump frames.

Well, they gave Elena a faster forward walkspeed. Don´t know, why Rolento stayed the same.


thays funny always thought of the Hurricanrana as the frankensteiner and vice versa (although his was off the ropes), but i was pretty young when he was doing his thing so completly forgot. Scott Steiner… frankensteiner. durr.

Macho man was pretty nuts as well R.I.P


In SFxT trick rod wasn’t an overhead. It was just a low avoidance move.


Now I see, how it works. Thanks.

They also found Unblockable setups, where the opponent uses DWU(Not sure, if this was known). GG Capcom.