USF4 | Unlisted Changes

Not sure I’ll find ALL of the changes but I’m doing what I can. I’m just using Dantarion’s ultra dif site and looking through the files. I’d appreciate it if people test out the stuff I have bolded with “Test Request” if you see something not on the list just post it and I’ll check for it then add it. I’d appreciate if you tested even the stuff I DON’T have bolded but the stuff bolded is the things I’m unsure while I’m quite confident in my information on the other stuff.
Our muse that inspired this thread.

April 22nd 2015 Title Update - 1.05

Bushin Gokusaken - Throw Followup is now fully invincible during start up and all active frames.

Move list priority adjusted. Back throw is now higher priority than focus attack preventing the ability to perform a focus charge armor cancel back throw or kara focus -> back throw for 1F of armor. File included in 1.05 that removes this, SF4 not actually loading the file in game so 1.04 version is still being used.

December 15th 2014 Title Update - 1.04

HP/EX Buffalo Headbutt landing frames now match LP/MP.

crouching MK hurtbox on right hand removed

EX Criminal Upper no longer has any projectile invincibility. Now 1-7F strike invincible ONLY. Hurtbox on hand appears 1F earlier.
F+HK now gains lower body invincibility starting on 4F instead of 2F

EX Razors Edge Slicer damage reduced from 80120 to 8090
Anti Air Ultra 2 no longer requires a down charge.

EX Upkicks physics adjusted, rising portion does not start until move becomes active, this is to make it more likely to hit crouching. Previously it would start rising on the frame it became airborne.

E. Honda
EX Hundred Hands Slap forward movement now ends on last active frame, previously stick control allowed movement 1-50F, now only moves forward 1-42F reducing some combo options.

crouching LP hitbox expanded forward slightly, notes only say “Increased the size of the hitbox for the attacking leg up to her thighs” which only would be a backwards expansion.
crouching MK hurtboxexpanded in height slightly as well as extend on foot. Notes had only mentioned extending it on foot. [Pink Lines added to show difference.]
Reeling animation changed when a M or H Lynx Tail connects
HK Scratch Wheel hitbox expanded upwards and in width. Patch notes specifically stated hitbox expanded downward. No mention of other changes. Check top ankle to see difference in height. [Pink Lines added to show difference in width.]

Evil Ryu
closeLP bug fixed where only the chained version was possible to perform resulting in being unable to special cancel closeLP
EX Tatsu (ground version) vacuum effect slightly reduced. 2nd-5th hitbox reduced slightly in width towards Ryu’s center. [Pink Lines added to show difference.]

crMK low profile hurtbox starts slightly slower
HK Fuhajin Release blockstun reduced by 2F. Frame advantage on block reduced from +6F to +4F

EX Tatsu done during rising portion of forward jump will now hit overhead. Previously only was overhead if done during NJ or falling portion of FJ.

Super Combo expanded size of pushbox upwards and downwards on hits 4, 5, and 6 to reduce chance of opponent falling out of combo.
EX Tatsu hitbox size very slightly reduced on extended leg. No longer reaches quite as far down. [Added a green box to indicate spot missing]
EX Tatsu active frames reverted 2(4)2(5)2(5)1 to 2(5)1(6)1(5)2

HK Tatsumaki Gorasen final hit’s hitbox expanded greatly.

Giant Palm Breaker is now a strike attack. The projectile portion of it only counters other projectiles and cannot hit opponents.
Bug with State Restrictions fixed to allow Hugo to properly cancel his pre-jump frames into focus, red focus, and HP Giant Palm Bomber

EX SRK airborne starting on 8F instead of 5F

L/M/H Whip all versions hitboxes were only expanded vertically, however they were moved VERY slightly forward horizontally.
EX Whip of Love horizontal reach reduced.
Hurtbox changes only effect specific reeling animations, no change to blocking, standing, or crouching hurtboxes when not during a reeling animation. In some situations she may actually have better hurtboxes as previously hurtboxes were attached to her left/right shoulders and head while every other characters hurtboxes during reeling animations are typically attached to head and waist only (just as Poison is now.)
L/M/H Aeolus edge - Bug where counter-hit damage was taken after attack startup, fixed
The heart that appears when performing Ultra 2 had it’s spawn location and float speed adjusted to make it appear at her open hand instead of near the health bars.

FarHP reeling animation changed when attack connects
Far HP hitbox expanded in width slightly as well as height. Notes had only mentioned height increase. [Pink Lines added to show difference.]

Level 2 and Level 3 EX Hadoken recovery time was also reduced by 4F. Notes only mention that level 1 went from 48F total to 44F total. All versions are now 0F on block.

T Hawk
MP DP hitbox increased on size on later frames.Airborne state now starts on 9F instead of 6F. Later frames now have JP1.

L, M, and EX Versions of Rolling Crystal Flash no longer cancel to a faster version of forward dash when FADCed on block, this means they are no longer +5 on block and back to +0.
UC1 hitbox and juggle potential reverted to AE2012 status

EX Green Hand forward movement during recovery frames has been reduced slightly
2nd hit’s pushback on hit increased, change not applied to if the 2nd hit connects as a counterhit.

October 15th 2014 Title Update - 1.03

Rolento - closeMP now has JP2 on all frames. USF4 Console release was JP2 on first frame and remaining frames was JP0. 1.02 closeMP was JP1 on ALL frames. Now JP2 on all frames. Not entirely “unlisted” but unclear as it was originally supposed to be just reverting an unintended change.

Vega - Super combo now causes proximity blocking on rising portion.
Super combo is now FULLY invincible during the frames Vega is attached to the wall. Previously only projectile and throw invincible.
Super combo Izuna Drop first 2F is now a strike when hitting airborne opponents instead of a throw.

August 08 2014 Title Update - 1.02

Abel - Sound effect changed on 15F of round start introduction.

Balrog (Boxer) - Final hit of Punch version Ultra 1 number of hits was increased from 2 to 3. Juggle potential was increased from 1 to 2. (now properly matches U1 Kicks version)

Blanka - crMK animates slightly dif but overall frame data should be identical. Hitstop was adjusted even for regular hits, now causes the same amount of hitstop regardless of standing/crouching/counterhit and instead the target animation was adjusted.

Cammy - Sound effect changed (somehow, not sure how it was changed) during round start introduction on frame 5.

Decapre - Focus attack previously was missing a hurtbox on her Right Shoulder. This has been added for all versions.
Looks like they changed the super freeze on her on her Super slightly. I’m not 100% sure if it has any practical difference though.
Sting charge time increased from 42F to 52F
DCM (Anti Air Version) charge time increased from 42F to 52F

crMK (slide) damage reduced from 70 to 60

B+HK now properly gains additional frame advantage on counterhit
HK Lynx Tail misc flag 16 removed.
EX Scratch Wheel 1st hit Self hitstop and blockstun for opponent has been increased by 4F. Should have the same frame advantage as before on FADC due to the self hitstop.
EX Scratch Wheel 2nd and 3rd hits self hitstop increased by 4F, opponents reduced by 1F. Blockstun increased by 5F. Elena now has the same hitstop as her opponent during EX Scratch Wheel. Should be no change to frame advantage/disadvantage on block.
UC1 now properly grants opponent meter on hit for every hit.

sLP - Proximity blocking hitbox lasts 1F longer
sLP - Now skips 1F of recovery on hit only (increasing frame advantage)
Super - Super flash duration was greatly changed. I’ve never fully been clear on how super flash works precisely so I wont say exactly how.

Makoto - HK Axe Kick misc flag 16 removed. Not sure what it does yet.

M. Bison - EX Headpress on air hit misc flag 16 removed. Not sure of how it effected the move yet. Misc flag 16 are used on all hard knockdowns.

close HK juggle potential increased from 0 to 1 on 2nd hit. Previously only first hit was JP1
farMP juggle potential increased from 0 to 1 on all active frames. Previously only 1st active frame was JP1
far HP juggle potential increased from 0 to 1 on last 2F active frames. Previously only 1st active frame was JP1
crouching MP juggle potential increased from 0 to 1 on all active frames. Previously only first 2F active frames was JP1
crouching HP juggle potential increased from 0 to 1 on all active frames. Previously only 1st active frame was JP1
Knockdown juggle state hurtbox changed.
UC1 Fireball now flies farther and faster.

Super freeze timing on minesweeper was adjusted.
Juggle Potential on close MP changed. 1st active frame reduced from 2JP to 1JP. 2-7F increased from 0JP to 1JP.
EX Mekong Delta Escape (Wall jump) - Now has no pushbox until he reaches the wall, will pass through opponents.

Vega (Claw) - LP/MP/HP Flying Barcelona (super) no longer have pushboxes until they reach the wall
LP/MP/HP Flying Barcelona (super) now knocks opponents lower on air hit PERIOD. (Notes only mention in corner)

2nd hit of EX Banishing Flat had it’s reeling animation changed when it connects vs a crouching opponent. Previously was a “Hit - Hit_MH” now it is “Hit - Hit_CM” this results in the followup EX Focus whiffing vs some characters. It seems Capcom was trying to revert the previous change to EX Banishing Flat that they had put into USF4 1.0 but screwed up because they forgot to change the reeling animation type back to “Script”

June 3rd - Ultra Street Fighter 4 Digital Upgrade Update

All DPs affected by the DP - FADC - Forward dash = -5F nerf are also more punishable on FADC backdash as well as more negative when NOT fadc’d. Consistently the way this has been explained / revealed only says “on forward dash” which could lead to people thinking it’s still the same blockstun and that backdash is just as safe as AE2012.

far HK hurtbox was dramatically reworked/resized/repositioned. Now the hurtbox near leg is attached to his left ankle instead of his head.

Far HK first hit now has JP1 meaning he can air reset with it.
The last hit of Thousand Jaguar (his mash punch super) was buffed to match the hitbox on the versions when you mash punch. (not mashing has a smaller hitbox on the attack than when you mash.)

LK Tatsu hitbox slightly expanded in width (notes only mention expanding downward).
The right ankle hurtbox on demon flip dive kick was very very slightly increased (0.065x0.065 increase), for comparison Akuma’s head hurtbox is 0.2x0.2)
EX Tatsu hitbox height on 2nd hit increased by 10%

Only level 4 TAP was changed despite claims that 2-4 were changed to be 2seconds apart. It’s not false though, it’s just that only 4 was the outlier at 8second charge time while 2 and 3 were 2 and 4seconds respectively
Final TAP (Kicks) Charge time reduced by 1F (3361 -> 3360) this was just so it was identical to Final TAP (Punch)
Throw range on U2 no longer affected by amount of ultra meter Balrog has.
All Buffalo headbutts recovery on WHIFF reduced a few frames
Last hit of KKK UC1 the active frames start 1F earlier.
Hits 3 and 4 of UC1 (PPP or KKK) Balrog moves 2F sooner than before and the opponent is frozen 2F longer than before (4F total change) TEST REQUEST

crMK - hurtbox added to right hand
crMK - No longer gains additional frame advantage on counterhit.
Anti Air U2 - Active frames on first hitbox reduced by 1F. Time between first hitbox and 2nd hitbox reduced from 10F to 2F(? someone might wanna double check this. It’s a 10F gap run at 8x speed so I think it should be 2F due to rounding). Projectile invincibility increased from 1-61F to 1-69F (projectile invincible until recovery starts)

C. Viper
EX FADC forward OR backward MP Thunder Knuckle is 3F faster to recover on hit OR BLOCK. (The wording was unclear: “M Thunder Knuckle now +4 after EX Focus-cancel → Forward Dash on hit; damage increased by 10 (110 → 120); stun reduced by 50 (200 → 150)” is how it’s stated on Capcom Unity) what they did was when you EX FADC MP Thunder Knuckle Viper’s dash forward or backward is 3F faster. So her dash becomes 16F forward 24F backward when canceling EX Focus from MP TK
MP Thunder Knuckle Retains 200stun when hitting a crouching or airborne opponent. Notes just say “stun reduced by 50 (200 → 150)” which implies all versions.
In addition this new EX FADC (Called EX_SAVING_THUNDER_CANCEL) got the speed boost all her focus attacks got but NOT the hitbox nerf. Actually the speed for level 3 is even faster than her sped up focus but only level 3, the rest is the same speed.

close HP during active frames 3-4F the damage on counterhit was reduced from 82 to 81
crouching HP gets +3F frame advantage on counterhit, previously was +4F
Unchanged thing: chained crLK is still 3F startup

Chun Li
L/M/H Super - Hitbox on second hit increased.
D+F LK Hitbox width REDUCED. (notes only claimed hitbox was “expanded”) only hitbox height was increased but width reduced and the center position of hitbox was changed. Overall the position makes it the same but the width on the hitbox was reduced from 0.25 to 0.20. The height was increased from 0.35 to 0.40.
MK SBK Final hit has a different reeling animation than before.
HK SBK Recovery only increased by 1F when canceled into from clsHP (they increased it by 3F for other version)

F+HK startup increased from 14F to 15F, lower body invincibility now starts on 2F instead of 4F
LK Ruffian Kick no longer a hard knockdown when hitting airborne opponents.
Additional hitbox added to 4th hit of Light, Medium and Heavy versions of Super.
Active frames on 5th hit of MK Super increased by 3F. Hitbox size increased.
Minimum time needed to charge a Level 2 or Level 3 badstone was reduced.
LK Super first 2 hits cause more pushback on grounded. 3rd hit floats lower.
U1 Cody moves forward slightly during the ultra freeze resulting in a small range increase. As this is DURING the ultra freeze and the camera is very zoomed in it is hard to tell.
Rapid Fire/Chained version of sLP/crLP with knife did not gain juggle potential like the normal versions.

REGULAR taunt (not crouching or jumping) builds 20 meter

Air Slasher chip increased included changing both hits of EX Air Slasher from 12 to 15 chip (now does 30 chip on block instead of 24)

sMK (stretch) hitstun on counterhit reduced by 3F (no longer gains any additional frame advantage on CH)
bMK pushback on crouching HIT reduced from 0.5 to 0.0425 (all other versions lowered from 0.5 to 0.425. Hit crouching has only 10% of the pushback of hit standing)
crMK (slide) damage increased from 60 to 70
L/M/H Super cannot be performed while a fireball or ultra 1 is on screen.

LP Machine Gun Blow recovery reduced by 1F NOTE They also reduced blockstun by 1F and adjusted hitstun slightly. It should be the same advantage on hit/block but now it’s 1F faster on whiff.
EX Short Swing Blow first hit active frames reduced from 2F to 1F. [Will verify once PC version is out]
Unlisted UNchanged thing: Rose does NOT cause more hitstun on counterhit though now that it causes damage it is capable of causing a counterhit.
All target combos counterhit damage increased by 10. (They no longer do 125% damage on counterhit now as they just increased the damage a flat 10 instead of doing the math for the new counterhit damage.)

E Honda
Far HP counterhit damage increased by 10 (no longer causes 125% base damage on counterhit, now causes 122%)
EX Headbutt causes NO pushback on block, only causes self recoil
EX HHS damage distribution changed. Previously 20x7 (140) now does 15x6+30 (120) resulting in a loss of 1 point of damage on counterhit for first hit (AE2012 CH = 5 additional damage.USF4 = 4 additional damage.) [notes do mention damage change but not how it was changed just says 140 reduced to 120)
M/H/EX Oicho pushboxes were changed. Now results in Honda being farther away than before once recovered from the oicho.

El Fuerte
Far LK hit and hurtbox adjusted to match close LK (hitbox moved forward slightly and reduced in height, hurtbox increased in width)
F+MK (overhead) proximity block distance reduced. Pushbox adjusted, can now only cross over opponents on 16-17F (previously 11-17F)

Evil Ryu
Can no longer perform non-chained version of closeLP. Hitting LP up close always results in the “chained” version of the attack coming out even if it is the first button hit. This prevents special or super canceling closeLP
Target Combo (Far HP) active frames increased by 1F, hurtbox comes out 1F before active now, recovery reduced by 1F (the recovery frame became an active frame). Hitting E Ryu during the first active frame will result in a counterhit.
Target Combo, hitstop (both self and opponent) reduced by 5F. (no change to frame data it just means freezes the screen less time, buff when fighting charge chars as they can gain charge during hitstop.
The new FarMP version of MPxxHP Target combo has a 1F faster startup, 1F slower recovery, and a completely different hitbox/hurtbox than the original target combo.
EX Tatsu hitbox expanded downward on hits 2-5
EX Tatsu vacuum effect on hit increased.

Fei Long
L/M/H 1st Rekka recovery increased by 1F (wording on Capcom Unity makes it sound like it was the 2nd hit).
L Rekka original hitbox moved slightly back and reduced in width. New hitbox added at old position which has reduced pushback. Due to hitbox priority system new hitbox is only one that will hit if they hit at same time. Has no difference difference in how it works compared to notes but odd that they didn’t just change the way the old hitbox worked or removed old hitbox entirely.
Crouching MP counterhit damage only increased by 10 (no longer causes 125% base damage on counterhit. Now causes 120%)
MK Chicken Wing (Rekkukyaku) now causes float changed (less pushback) when hitting airborne opponents with the first hit.

All versions of Oga hitbox reduced (These are mentioned in the japanese change list but not mentioned anywhere in english. Not Capcom Unity, not character breakdown video)
Jyansen (Rolls) counterhit damage only increased by 10 on last hit (No longer causes 125% damage on counterhit. Now causes between 121% (LP) and 122% (EX)). Chip damage was not increased to match increased damage on hit.
Stance change in mid air now possible to an extent. PPP in mid air while in crane stance (Kicks) causes Mantis stance to switch and mantis jHP comes out during crane jump arc. Same for Mantis jump and pressing KKK causes crane stance change and crane jHK while using mantis jump arc.
Mantis stance super damage reduced from 300 to 250 (note: this is mentioned in Gen’s character breakdown video but it’s not on the official Capcom-Unity final change list despite the fact I informed them of it missing MULTIPLE times and dawgtanian just argued with me. Because of this I’m including it in this list incase someone didn’t watch the breakdown video.)
U2 Mantis (Shitenketu) when canceled from Zanei super (mantis) added added to pre-jump cancel list. This allows Gen to combo into full animation U2 Mantis on airborne opponents in a free juggle (such as after crane crLK) by canceling the prejump into U2. Previously hitting an airborne opponent only got 1hit with U2 unless done right after Zanei super. It also means he can anti air with the move which he couldn’t previously do.
Mantis crLP hitstop adjusted, no change to frame advantage but allows for more charge time during crLPs and easier to confirm out of it. Also now +7F on counterhit, previously +6F

EX Tatsu (on successful 1st hit) hitbox on hits 2-7 dramatically increased (note this is the lock in version of EX Tatsu. It only refers to when the move has actually connected the first hit.)
EX Tatsu floats lower on hits 2-7
Not an unlisted, just poorly explained change: Back throw now techable 1-17F because previously you could actually tech the move too QUICKLY due to the offset tech window since the move has a slower startup.
MP Gohadoken cannot hit crouching (This was likely because of Hugo but it might affect something else due to the fact now it can’t hit crouching PERIOD even if they extend their hurtbox way up with like a shoto crHP or Bison’s crHK slide)

Ultra 2 juggle potential on all hits increased by 1
Ultra 2 Damage distribution changed (in addition to just raw damage). Previously 9030x490(300) now 9042x472 (330)

Far HK trading on the 1st active frame now causes a counterhit for opponent (E.G. Guy takes 125% damage of whatever he traded with)
EX Tatsu active frames changed from 2(5)1(6)1(5)2 to 2(4)2(5)2(5)1
U1 4th hit also moves forward slightly now
U2 All hits changed from juggle potential 0 to infinite juggle potential (not sure what the point of this one is since U2 can only hit grounded since it’s a command throw)
EX Run - Neck Flip (overhead) did not get the same hitbox adjustment that Run - Neck Flip did

L/M/H Oil Dive and Super pushbox moved forward and down. Will go over less crouching characters on whiff now.
crouching LK recovery change was NOT applied to chained crLK. Chained crLK is still 0F on block +3F on hit.
Level 1 focus attack now does 75 damage on counterhit instead of 60 (this is how it’s supposed to be since base damage is also 60 on normal hit)
Note: Although they changed NJ MP knockdown to match angled jump MP the damage was NOT changed. NJ MP still does 80 while angled jump MP does 50. Thought it worth mentioning despite it being a lack of a change.

F+MK hitbox expanded in width backwards(notes only claimed expanded downwards.) also now flagged as “can cross up”
F+HP~HP target combo is super/special/jump cancelable even if it whiffs (Can be used as a kara). Not really “unlisted” just “poorly explained” notes only said (Backhand Punch (HP → HP far from the opponent) now Special-, EX Focus-, EX Red Focus- and Jump-cancellable) which ANYONE would read as “on hit/block” since on whiff is far FAR less common.

crouching MK Leg pulls back 1-2F faster making it harder to whiff punish, the total frame count is the same but she doesn’t leave her leg sticking out quite as long.
close MK airborne frames end sooner. Previously airborne 1-6F now airborne 2-5F
MK Fuhajin hitbox expanded downward for the first 2F active
Buffs to sLP and far LK were NOT changed for FSE stance.
EX Senpusha(pinwheel) also pulls opponent in on HIT now (notes only mention on block)

crouching MK hurtbox reverted to Super status.
Air Tatsu momentum is retained longer than before when performing an air tatsu once you are falling
EX Air Tatsu when falling from a jump has 90% more forward momentum than it did in AE2012.
Air EX Tatsu hits overhead again
F+HK blockstun increased by 4F (Capcom notes claim 1F and that Ken’s F+HK was only -1F on block.) Ken’s F+HK in AE2012 = -4F on block -1 on hit. USF4 it’s 0F on block -1 on hit

M. Bison
Hell Attack juggle potential increased by 1
All non-ex psychocrushers juggle potential increased by 2, now has a script that runs on block based on when you hit (far or close) I don’t know exactly how different this new script is from the old blocking mechanics but the move has been changed and some setups result in different amounts of hits or distance traveled when blocked than before.
Psychocrusher cross up hitbox can now hit airborne opponents
far MP recovery was NOT increased. He should still have 11F recovery on whiff. Move is still 0/+3
L/M/H Knee Press (Scissor Kick) 2nd hit now build 1 more meter on hit (increased from 16 to 17) no change on block
Super and U1 charge times reduced from 55F to 40F

EX Fukiage hitbox added in front of Makoto that can hit grounded and airborne opponents. Notes only stated “EX Fukiage can now hit grounded.”

EX Tatsu hitbox expanded downward for hits 3 through 5.
L/M/H/EX SRK hitbox on frames 5-14F increased in width.
UC1 counterhit damage was not properly changed no longer does 125% base damage for a counterhit now 120%

EX Soul Spiral (Drill) counterhit damage only increased by 10. No longer does 125% base damage on hit now does 125% stun and 123% damage.
close MK - hitbox was also expanded in width and repositioned (notes only say expanded downward)

All non-ex air tatsus juggle potential increased from 0 to 7 on first hit and ONLY first hit. Remaining hits still 0JP.
Air EX Tatsu now has a potential of 7 on first hit 11 on last hit (previously 0 on first hit 4 on last hit)
Ground EX Tatsu hitbox expanded downward on hits 2 though 5

Order of move priority list altered. Focus is now a higher priority than Back Throw. This allows for Focus Kara Back Throw or focus armor cancel back throws.
EX Snake Strike state restriction adjusted (this is mentioned in the japanese notes not english)
LK Messiah Kick (First part) now has JP7 should be able to combo into it from things like FJ HK now (notes only mention the Followup being changed)
LK Followup on Messiah Kick juggle potential increased from 1 to 7
UC1 and UC2 counterhit damage was not lowered on any of the hits where damage was lost.

High Tiger shot now completely flagged to whiff on crouching (previously there was a small hitbox on the top of the attack that COULD hit crouching if the opponent extended hurtbox with a tall crouching attack like Balrog’s crHP or Makoto’s crHK.)
L/M/H Tiger knee no longer cause pushback on first hit [only on HIT]. First hit causes 1F more hitstun. EX Fadc now +4F on 1st hit for all versions of TK (previously +3)
EX Tiger knee impact freeze (hitstop) now matches L/M/H TK.

EX Sakura Otoshi first followup attack startup increased from 4F to 5F. No change to the remaining attacks. Note: I think this was to offset the fact she can cancel into the followup 3F sooner.
EX TatsuPushbox expanded downwards 7F~32F, hitbox expanded downwards on 3rd and 4th hit.
EX Tatsu first hit reeling animation changed when hitting standing opponents.
close MP pushback on hit/block reduced (Mentioned in japanese notes but not english. Change was 0.5 -> 0.4)

UC1 - Blockstun reduced by 10F
crMP recovery reduced by 2F (patch notes mention increased frame advantage but don’t say if it was via increased hit/block stun like his farHP or by reducing recovery. Video log mentions reduced recovery)

T Hawk
When FADCing EX Tomahawk Buster (DP) THawk’s forward and back dash recover 2F faster. HOWEVER the cancel window into specials/supers/focus/ultra was not adjusted and will increase the recovery back to normal if attempted. You can read about how this type of issue works here: at the bottom of the page.
Not gameplay related: One of his win poses uses a different voice file than before and has also had his facial animations redone to match it.

Close MK startup reduced by 1F. Recovery reduced by 3F (patch notes claim hitstun increased. It was recovery reduced.) Old frame data: 6/2/13 [-1/+2] new frame data 5/2/10 [+2/+5]
When they increased the active frames on Vega’s crHP by 2F they didn’t adjust his hurtbox frames! This means the last 2 active frames the hurtbox is going to be MUCH smaller as it will be based on his model. It should be a much better anti air.
EX RCF hitstun increased by 2F, recovery increased by 2F (Only on hit). This means no change to frame advantage. However EX FADC last hit results in Vega being +6F now, previously was +4F. Also can use the extra hitstun to gain 2F more charge than before making cancel to wall dive or something else even easier (not that it was hard thanks to EX RCF having so many frames).
L/H/EX FADC to a faster forward dash and are now +5F when EXFADC forward dash on block. [/s] removed in 1.04
M RCF cannot be EX Red Focus canceled on block.
UC1 Juggle potential reduced from 1 to 0 on dive portion after reaching the wall. Hitbox height on dive reduced to ALMOST AE status (very slightly larger than AE but WAYYYY smaller than AE2012)

[close MK hitbox was also moved forward and downward slightly in addition to expanded downward.](close MK hitbox was also moved forward and downward slightly in addition to expanded downward.)

HK Upkicks throw invincibility removed from startup frames. (Genei Jin version retains throw invincibility)
Tenshin (command throw) normal and EX version range increased (does not apply to Genei Jin version)
Tenshin during Genei Jin hitting Yun during recovery frames on a whiffed Tenshin will grant a counterhit (Remember when they were going to do that to all command throws? They forgot to remove it from Genei Jin version of tenshin I guess)
Crossup hitbox change was not applied to Genei Jin version of angled jump MK, also active frames are unchanged.
Neutral Jump MK active frames were unchanged.

EX Banishing Flat (Green Hand) forward movement during recovery travel distance increased.
2nd hit of EX Banishing flat had it’s reeling animation changed when it connects vs a standing opponent. Previously it was “Script - Hit_MH” now it is “Hit - Hit_MH” this means that the reeling animation will change depending on where on the opponents body your attack connects. Previously with the “script” type reeling animation you ALWAYS got the same reeling animation no matter what.
2nd hit of EX Banishing Flat had it’s reeling animation changed when it connects vs a crouching opponent. Previously was a “Script - Hit_CM” now it is “Hit - Hit_MH” this results in the followup EX Focus whiffing vs some characters.

Eter ill give you a hand with chun

For starters hsu has been hdk+ on airborne foes since vanilla

Ah you’re right, I didn’t check her hitbox table before hand. I’ll remove it. TYVM I’m not infallible but I’m certainly checking this shit harder than Capcom it seems lol.

Hopefully Chun Li has a powerful glitch. Only the best street fighter games have chun li with a glitch involving her super.

6:40am here in norcal gonna try and get some sleep (insomnia is a bitch) I’ll continue this later please test any and all things I’ve posted (even the things I didn’t bold with a test request if you have time)

Dont worry thats the idea of team work right?

Im Going to Test mk sbk now

Ryu’s Ex tatsu pushes back less on the first active frames so you have to block more hits at close range.

So chun is at least +2 still but the Timing is weird as f*ck.

Video is coming

About the recovery It feels diff when doing it raw or from cl. Hp. Thing is i couldnt follow it up with anything regardless

Check on Yang’s lk DP. Changelog said they altered the hit stop on the first hit, but I have a theory that the second hit hit box has been changed in some way

Isn’t Chun’s 3LK 3f active according to the data tho? I thought it sometimes rounded down based on the whole thing.

Dee Jay:
More push back on his cr lp, some cross up combos don’t work due to the push back

Lol they nerfed DeeJay even more, fuckin capcom.

For Sagat, they increased the hitstop (impact freeze) on the first hit of EX Knee, on hit and block. Don’t understand why, but it’s a visible difference.

I also had a feeling that they increased the hitstun on first hit of Tiger Knees by 1 frame, because I was able to link TK FADC cr.lp more easily. Could very well be my imagination though.

In the Arcade/Beta version of Ultra, Juri’s was buffed with 5 frame start up, AND it’s recovery was reduced by 1 frame. When 5f was reverted, it was not made clear if the recovery buff was changed back too. It’s hard to tell by the naked eye. I’ve heard other Juri players say she pulls back faster. I sometimes think that too, but maybe it’s like a placebo effect or something.

Not necessarily an unlisted change, but I think the fix on Sagat’s U1 juggle has to do with them removing the pause in the animation after the first hit of the fiery uppercut portion of the ultra.

It’s not really unlisted, but… (how many times will this pop up lololo)

Translates to a juggle point change. j.MP, j.MP, Yosokyaku x3, U2 used to drop the opponent out. The opponent no longer drops out mid-animation.

Also includes an advantage increase on counterhit, which was already unusually high for a medium attack. CH cr.MP, cr.HK is now possible.

Idk, I think they made it so he moves backwards before the final uppercut, because it drops hits a lot more often now. I’m not sure why they did it this way, because IIRC Eternal fixed it in a mod by simply changing the pushback on a single hit.

This…even with the hitbox buff, combos ending with xx sobat whiff

I love posts like those @eternal

Ken’s EX air tatsu now hits overhead. (again)