USF4: When to use ultra 1 with Akuma



What matchups is ultra 1 good for, or ultra 2 all the way?




Claw too, Shotos anti air unless you know your opponent like to Os tatsu your TP.


I use it with characters that can cross up very easily because that makes u2 a little trickier to land. For me, u1 is better for rush down characters like yun and heavy block strings like yun,ryu,ibuki. I use it in when I’m under pressure by heavy block strings on the ground or trapped in the corner under ground pressure. If they get to aggressive or overconfident you can punish them. I love u1 against oni, I’ve grabbed him in the middle of his mixup demon slash things so many times I lost count. Same with gouken’s dashing punch attack (forget what it’s called) but if they get predictable with that or his DF sweep it’s game over.

I think it might be easier to describe when I choose u2. I like u2 for bigger characters with large hitboxes, poor crossup characters and most importantly (in my opinion) characters with non-projectile specials that travel across screen and can be spotted pretty easily when you’re in wakeup or start to teleport- like balrog, dudley, bison- basically most charge characters except vega, blanka and I think Decapre but I’m on the fence about which ultra is best for her. I tend to lean towards u1 because of her size but I haven’t used u2 on her in real matches much so I could be wrong. I can see her rapid dagger as an easy u2 opportunity if she gets predictable. Bison is pretty equal since he’s got some guaranteed demons but I’ve had more success predicting his scissors and landing u2.