USF4: Would a new player learn faster playing Ranked, or Endless battles?


Curious what you guys think, sometimes I feel like I annoy people with my scrubby play in lobbies.


If it’s 2 player endless you’ll be able to play more games than you would in ranked in the same timespan. Therefore my vote goes to endless.

Maybe in endless you can more easily practice reading your opponent and your opponents character? Idk, I’m a noob.


From my experience its way easier to play against people of your skill in ranked. In endless you tend to find people who are way better then you. If you found a good endless lobby where people were willing to teach you I’d say that is better.


Endless is fantastic IF you communicate with the person at the same. Messages/voice chat. Ask them to point out what you’re bad at after a few matches and go from there.

Ranked is good for learning how to react to a player’s sensibilities quickly. But I think endless is really superior for learning individual matchups.


I still mostly suck, so tend not to venture into endless unless I know who I’ll be there with and that they’ll actually be good to play against - either someone better who is willing to teach, or someone of a closer skill level where we can play off of each other

otherwise I stick to ranked, same skill ftw


In ranked you’ll find more variation in player playstyles, it also teaches you to adapt fast to a player you’ve never met before. Unfortunately it doesn’t really give you a 2nd chance to play them unless you find them again in ranked. You will get hit with random shit alot. A consequence of this might help you develop you a more balanced playstyle when to play it safe and when to take risks. Eventhough people keep saying “Don’t care about points”, even if it is only in a small way, you’ll feel more pressured which can be a usefull experience. Gimmicks are the name of the game in ranked, so you have to be on guard alot of the time to not get caught by randomness.

Endless you have more time to get familiar with the character you are playing against, you can take your time to learn their habits and gimmicks will quickly get exposed. Overall you’ll be forced to play solid if you want to win. Reads will become more prevalent later on as information from previous matches might be used in later matches. I think Endless is excellent for learning matchups.

Ranked -> Playerstyles
Endless -> Matchups

Both have their uses.


Endless easily…

Make a room, invite srk members, play good players…


Seems like endless is the way I need to go then :slight_smile:


Endless. If someone is beating you, you have to start figuring out how to beat them. Ranked is just an endless series of players who beat you once or you beat them and then that’s it.


Endless since you can watch other players duke it out and try to get a read on how they play a certain character. As others have said, in Ranked, usually you play against one person all of one time and that’s usually it unless you are lucky to run into them again soon thereafter.