USF4 - Xbox360 - Need Other Newbs To Play With


Hey, I’m on Xbox360, playing Ultra SF4 and would really like some others to play lobbies and either learn from, or get better with. I don’t care if you are good, great, terrible…whatever! I just want to play with people and either learn from them to be better, or learn along with them so we can both improve.

I’m not exactly a newb, I know the moves and can execute everything that isn’t a combo nearly every time, working on getting consistent with combos and reading opponents and spacing etc, right now. Gamertag is BigKrisGotEm please send me a friend request and let’s get some games in!


I’m in the same boat, I just got USFIV and a stick and I try to play at least an hour a day which is usually in the evening Central time. Add me and I’ll definitely spar with you if we are on at the same time. Gamertag: ZanyFiddler


I’m very newb and need practice. I can usually play late in the wee hours. 11pm-3am EST
XBox Live Gamertag: crunchyviper56


Ciao a rutti